Queen Victoria Larson gets tons of flirty messages on her Instagram photos. So this Bachelor contestant found her king?

Two weeks ago, Katie Thurston reported The Bachelor Guide Matt James on toxicity around the house and how some women enjoyed being mean girls. In the next episode, Matt first sent Anna Redman home and then said goodbye to the so-called Queen Victoria Larson. Victoria created such a toxic environment in the house that even the show producers decided to let her go in the first half of the season. As she said goodbye to Matt, Victoria made it clear that she was over it.

From the very first episode, the 28-year-old Queen Victoria was able to grab everyone’s attention, but not for exactly the right reasons. She announced that she was not on the show to make friends and started talking to other women in a disrespectful way. Some The Bachelor Viewers also blame her for the eviction of Marylynn Sienna, as Victoria manipulated Matt and painted Marylynn in the bad image. When five new girls arrived, Victoria took off Catalina Morales’ crown and put it on her head. Eventually, she became the biggest bully in the house and emerged as the villain of The Bachelor season 25. Finally, Matt put an end to his toxic behavior and said goodbye during the rose ceremony of week five. Before leaving, Victoria told Matt that she felt sorry for him and left without hugging him.

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Since Victoria Larson did not feel sad about being abandoned by the leader of The Bachelor, some fans think it must have already moved. This season was filmed from mid-September 2020 to November 2020. So that would give Victoria plenty of time to connect with a new guy. However, judging by Victoria Larson Instagram feed, it doesn’t seem like she’s dating anyone. There are tons of thirsty messages in her bikini photos, but Victoria doesn’t respond to any of those comments.

Victoria Larson The Bachelor Matt James

If Queen Victoria had been with someone special, the paparazzi would surely have seen her by now. It is also possible that he is keeping his new relationship private because right now he is receiving a lot of hate from many viewers. Another possibility is that she is waiting The Bachelor cleave, Bachelor in Paradise, and therefore must remain single.

In the meantime, The Bachelor Contestant Sarah Trott is rumored to be dating DJ Bijou. Some of her photos resurfaced, hinting that she was dating the DJ before appearing on the show. However, Sarah has denied having a boyfriend before, during or after filming the show.

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