Bachelor: Why Victoria Larson is speaking out against online trolls

Victoria took to her Instagram story to address online trolls directly after a hate message left her in shock. He advised everyone to be nicer.

the “Queen” has a word for internet trolls. Victoria “Queen” Larson recently spoke out against her enemies on social media. Being the “Queen” intimidate The Bachelor Fans wonder why Victoria felt the need to give this additional negativity the time of day. Victoria had abruptly deleted her Instagram account following her removal from the show; however, it was soon reactivated a week later. Victoria’s series of Instagram stories about internet trolls came just days after her return to social media.

Victoria has caused drama since the first night in the house. Despite being perceived as unflappable while insulting almost all the girls competing on the show, Victoria was not happy when she tried her own medicine in real life. While he was still on the show, his mugshot from nine years ago resurfaced on the internet. After fans began attacking Victoria for her past, the self-proclaimed queen turned her Instagram account private. He later deleted the account after its removal from the program.

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As Victoria fights back against online trolls, fans wonder why she takes the time to tackle them. She took her Instagram story to call social media users who have left very nasty comments on your posts. Users sent messages to Victoria accusing her of being a bully, and insulted her for allowing the producers to present her as a “clown“And even sending her death threats. Victoria got tired of the constant messages, which led her to address them directly. She posted screenshots of just some of the messages she receives on a daily basis. The insults came from Instagram posts and videos. from Tik Tok as well as direct messages sent to her. The specific comment that led to Victoria’s spiel was from Tik Tok, reading “Probably the one person I wouldn’t mind being bullied into committing suicide.

Although Victoria wouldn’t normally broach a topic like this, the aggressive comment left her in shock. She began by assuring fans that she is “super happy and not suicidal. “Having said that, Victoria explained that there are people who may be feeling these deep emotions; therefore, it is”super not great“to send messages like that. He called internet trolls, referring to them as”Internet warriors, “as she sent you good wishes of”peace and healing. “She encouraged everyone to”be nicer online“Since you never know what someone is going through. Victoria then added that she is indeed”human being“He has feelings. Although he is”choosing not to bother“Out of hatred, that doesn’t mean I don’t read it. Victoria went on to say,”That doesn’t negate the fact how bad it is.

Victoria’s main message was to her fans, and to everyone, to be kinder both in person and online. Contrary to his advice on Instagram, Matt James expects the worst from Victoria in the next Women say it all.

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Source: Victoria Larson / Instagram

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