Bachelor’s degree: what Chris Harrison did before he became a host

Bachelor host Chris Harrison resigned for a time. Fans have only known him associated with The Bachelor, but what did he do before?

The Bachelor Host Chris Harrison has decided to step down from his hosting duties in the wake of backlash from comments he made during an interview with Rachel Lindsay in defense of Rachel Kirkconnell and her racist past. Since the interview he has stepped aside, but what was Chris Harrison doing before the roses? Discover.

Chris Harrison and Bachelor Nation are synonymous, for years it has felt like you couldn’t have one without the other. The longtime host has decided to step aside. Fans are not happy with the way Chris Harrison handled the situation. Now she is facing a huge backlash for the insensitive comments she made not only to Rachel Lindsay, but about race in general. He blatantly dismissed it as the “I woke up the police” be too sensitive. In Lindsay’s words “He woke up and decided to be himself” and it backfired incredibly strong. The franchise has long been associated with racism, and when the face of the franchise talks like this, it doesn’t look good. It shows in its very recent history. They have long indulged in performative diversity and have shown that their words don’t support their actions. Diversity has not really been a priority and having leads from BIPOC has not been a panacea. Now Chris Harrison has decided to take a break from the host, but before Neil Lane’s engagement rings, roses, and fancy suites, what did he do?

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Harrison was a sports reporter on an affiliate channel of CBS KWTV from 1993 to 1999. He then worked for a horse racing channel TVG network and hosted Designers challenge, an interior design contest. In 2001, he became the host of the show. Mall Masters it didn’t last long. So it’s safe to say that Chris Harrison has been to most of the corners of reality TV. The reality TV host even dabbled in acting when he appeared on Sabrina the teenage witch as host of a music show. Then in 2002 The Bachelor It debuted and has been the most consistent part of the show ever since.

During his time in The Bachelor, he also hosted the 2008 American Music Awards pre-show. Harrison may also include the author on the list of work he has done while writing a novel called The perfect handwriting which came out in 2015.

Since you’ve freed yourself from the host role, it will be interesting to see who takes your place.

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