Bleach: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Orihime

The hit series shonen Bleach stars in a great cast of characters, and in the show’s first season, Orihime Inoue established herself as a goofy, lovable, and rather brave supporting character during Ichigo’s quest to save the day. Orihime is Ichigo’s classmate and friend, and she has risked her life to stay by Ichigo’s side during his adventures.

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There’s a lot to like about Orihime, from her innocent charm and unique healing powers to her comic relief scenes or her generous heart. Sometimes, however, Orihime is a downright strange character, or her role in the story doesn’t always make sense or turns out in the way readers / viewers might expect.

10 Orihime somehow manages to allow herself to live alone

Seldom the story of Bleach touches on the logistics of how Orihime lives alone, though the story explains how she got to that position. Years ago, her older brother Sora Inoue died, and Orihime had the house to herself (her parents were gone too).

Is that house paid for or is Orihime facing a lot of rent or mortgage payments? And there is no indication that she has a job or a supportive family member. A tenth grader, living alone … that’s not typical.

9 Orihime’s weird cooking style features absolutely vile food combinations


Orihime is a decent cook, but her selection of ingredients is far from ordinary. She never burns or spoils her food, but again, the meals she prepares are suitable just for her. She is the type to combine pepper flakes, mustard, olive oil, and animal crackers in one plate.

Where did Orihime get these ideas from? No one knows, and Orihime’s strange cooking was a joke BleachFirst season. No one else had the courage to try Orihime’s food, even when she offers a bite to her friends.

8 He loves his weird recipes and doesn’t see them as weird

Ingredients for a cake

Orihime not only makes all that strange food, but also eats it with a straight face. Unless she’s a very good actress, Orihime means it when she eats those strange lunches and proclaims “Yum!” Your taste buds are unique.

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Orihime’s friend Tatsuki is puzzled but has fun every day when she sees Orihime digging into these incomprehensible dishes and she really likes them, and Orihime can’t tell why everyone else is shocked. Isn’t this normal food? Orihime thinks so.

7 Orihime wants to be a giant robot when she grows up

What does Orihime aspire to be when she grows up? According to one of his art projects at school, he will grow up to be a giant robot. Orihime surprised Tatsuki with her animated drawing of herself, placing her head on the blocky, cartoonish body of a robot with footprints.

Orihime is vaporizing a burning city in that art, and given Orihime’s gentle disposition and healing powers, a destructive power fantasy like this is even more peculiar. However, Orihime didn’t mention it much after that.

6 Orihime is mistaken for animals; Even going as far as to mix cats and dogs

Orihime Inoue Bleach

Orihime doesn’t have pets, but if she did, she would mix them up and get confused. When he met Yoruichi the talking cat, he mistakenly assumed that Yoruichi’s friend Kukaku would be another cat, but he had no reason to believe that, as Yasutora “Chad” Sado pointed out.

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What’s more, Orihime began to wonder what kind of cat Kukaku would be, and even theorized that Kukaku is a Dalmatian. Except Dalmatians are dogs, not cats, and Chad had to point that out as well.

5 Orihime’s random plan to destroy the Hogyoku

The Hogyoku, or the Breaking Sphere, is a unique artifact that was created by Kisuke Urahara, and later stolen by Sosuke Aizen to transform powerful Hollows into Arrancars. Once Orihime was captured and brought to Las Noches, Aizen showed her the Hogyoku.

Orihime correctly realized that the Hogyoku is central to Aizen’s plan, and then decided to destroy the Hogyoku. But he had no means of doing it and he didn’t even try. She thought of this plan, then never acted at all.

4 Orihime has an assault-oriented fairy

Orihime’s power, the Shun-Shun Rikka, takes the form of two hairpins that can manifest into six different fairies. With these winged allies, Orihime can heal a person or create a triangular barrier for defense. His sixth fairy, Tsubaki, is oriented on the offense.

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It’s not unthinkable for a supporting character to have a token attack, but Tsubaki is so weak, it doesn’t make sense to have it at all, and having such a fairy doesn’t fit Orihime’s personality. Tsubaki should switch to something else.

3 Orihime doesn’t recognize Uryu’s crush on her

Uryu Ishida takes himself quite seriously as a Quincy archer, but he has a soft spot for Orihime, and has acted on those feelings more than once. Orihime’s beauty and gentle personality attracts him a lot, and he is more likely to join her than Ichigo.

Orihime and Uryu fought together for a while during the Soul Society arc, and Uryu lovingly made a new shirt for Orihime and did his best to make Orihime happy. Interestingly, Orihime never seemed to realize Uryu’s true feelings.

two How Orihime’s encouraging word empowered Ichigo

This may be an example of “anime physics” in action: Orihime yelled some words of encouragement to Ichigo during a losing fight against Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, and then Ichigo changed the battle at once. That’s a bit of a stretch.

Yes, it makes sense that Orihime’s words of encouragement could give Ichigo a second wind, but the reversal was quite sharp and extreme, given how simple Orihime’s mini-speech was. The funny thing is that he said to Ichigo “Please don’t hurt yourself anymore!” and Ichigo agreed with that sentiment, but he actually took another hit or two before defeating Grimmjow for good.

1 Orihime didn’t really act on her feelings towards Ichigo and yet they ended up together.

Ichigo Orihime Bleach

The “IchiHime” couple ended up being canon in the end, beating the ever-popular IchiRuki (not all fans were happy about this). It’s true that Orihime clearly loved Ichigo when Ulquiorra Schiffer kidnapped her, but she did very little to express those feelings.

No one can blame Orihime for being shy, and shonen manga like Bleach It doesn’t put much emphasis on romance anyway. Still, the final chapter clearly showed that Orihime and Ichigo got married, and the series could have given viewers some more solid IchiHime scenes as a path to that final chapter and make the development of the relationship at least be. a little softer. The series went from “I’m too shy to talk about my feelings!” to marriage, a few years later. There should be some intermediate steps clearly shown on the page.

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