Bridgerton: What Your Favorite Character Says About You

Though Bridgerton It may only have one season so far, that hasn’t stopped fans from getting excited about the characters and wanting to learn more about them. While some fans are reading the books the series was based on while waiting for the second season, others are searching the internet for more content.

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If you are someone who can’t get enough Bridgerton, It’s fun to think of your favorite character or characters and wonder how the series might handle their stories in the future. And honestly, your favorite character on the show can reveal a lot about you and your own personality traits. While this list may not be completely true for everyone, chances are that you will find someone to relate to.

10 Colin bridgerton

Colin is Bridgerton’s third brother and he doesn’t have much screen time. However, her history with Marina shows that she is one of the most generous and kind people in the world of Bridgerton.

If it’s your favorite, you probably have a sensitive soul and care a lot for others. You probably always think the best of other people, but this can sometimes mean that you are being taken advantage of. However, naivety is not always a bad thing, and being compassionate helps a lot.

9 Siena red

Less Siena Rosso

If you identify more with Siena, you probably want to make your way in the world. You are tremendously independent and determined to make your dreams and goals come true no matter how much work it takes.

However, despite your tough exterior, you are also a bit romantic. Life experiences may have made you distrustful, but you want to find people in your life that you can trust and trust. You want to be successful while also having a support system that you can trust.

8 Marina Thompson

Marina Thompson spends most of her history as an outsider who is judged by those around her. So if she’s your favorite, you can probably see your own life story in this fight.

You probably dream of a better life where all your dreams come true, and it might be a bit illogical about how to make that happen. Yet despite all this, he is also a hard worker and smarter than most people realize. I just wish more people took the time to get to know you.

7 Benedict Bridgerton

Bridgerton Benedict Story Bee

If you love Benedict, you are someone who has a rebellious side and yearns to break free from the expectations placed on you. You’re probably an artist or creator of some kind as well, and while this isn’t true for everyone, he’s also a character that many LGBTQ + fans relate to.

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Benedict yearns for freedom and adventure, and he also sees that you can find happiness in many places. Your biggest fans may come from an environment in which they, too, sought the freedom to express themselves.

6 Lady danbury

Lady Danbury Bridgerton

Lady Danbury is one of the best characters in the series and also one of the smartest. She is smart, cunning and can take care of herself. If you love her more, you are also someone who has things together.

And while you can be classy and look correct, you also have a funny side and don’t always follow the rules of society. You are often the smartest person in the room, but even if you seem a bit tough, you are also a very generous person.

5 Eloise Bridgerton

Many people loved Eloise because she is trapped in a society where she doesn’t fit in. She doesn’t want to be forced into marriage and motherhood, and she sees the inequalities around her.

So if you like it, you are probably a feminist and also someone who wants to go far in the world. You are probably also very smart with books. But, in addition to being cerebral, you have a strong ethical code and you care about the people around you.

4 Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony Bridgerton

If you identify more with Anthony, you may also feel a little lost and confused about the direction of your life. Anthony is a character who has some redeeming qualities, but he also has a lot of problems to solve. So either you identify with him, or you have a tendency to like a bad boy who needs help.

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You may be doing your best to keep those around you happy while staying true to yourself, but it may feel like this balance is hard to find.

3 Penelope Featherington

More Penelope Featherington

Penelope is a character that has many layers and is full of surprises. If you identify more with her, you are probably also very intelligent, but you will not only want to spend your life reading books.

You want to be popular and loved, and you might have a slightly manipulative side when you want to get your way. It can be someone who has many conflicting sides and is difficult to pin down. But, at the end of the day, no one should underestimate you.

two Simon Bassett

There is no denying that fans love Simon because he is absolutely handsome and also very charming. So there is no shame in loving him because he is the male lead with a difficult background but a good heart.

Also, you may identify with him because you’ve been through some difficult things in your life too, but have made a commitment to be better because of it. You are secretly a very loving and romantic person, but you don’t show it at first.

1 Daphne bridgerton

Daphne bridgerton

If your favorite character is Daphne, you may be someone who is considered picky or boring, but this is not the case. You will defend yourself and others, and they will not push you.

People sometimes mistake your understanding and compassion for weakness, but they were wrong to do so. You have a resourceful side and you want to experience new things.

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