Bridgerton’s collar hole should have explained Cressida’s spying

Bridgerton’s disappearing necklace plot hole could easily have been used to explain how Cressida discovers Simon and Daphne in the gardens.

In Bridgerton Season 1, Daphne’s disappearing necklace is one of the show’s biggest plot holes, and it’s a missed opportunity to explain Cressida’s espionage. Shortly after Prince Friedrich gives Daphne the necklace in episode 3, “An Affair of Honor”, she discards the jewels on the garden bridge so they are never seen or heard again, but it could have easily been worn. to show how Cressida discovered that Simon and Daphne were together in the gardens. Instead, Cressida’s espionage and missing necklace remain a mystery throughout the series.

Cressida’s espionage is an important element of the story because the rumor of her date in the garden is what ultimately prompts Daphne and Simon to appeal to Queen Charlotte, who plays a role in allowing them to advance their wedding date. It’s a great plot device to move the narrative forward, but the confusion around what Cressida saw or didn’t see, and whether it really started the garden gossip, is never properly addressed. It was unclear if he had been spying on them the entire time and, if so, why he had been in the garden in the first place.

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Using the necklace’s weft hole to address these issues would have added weight to the threat that ultimately leads Daphne and Simon to marry so quickly. This is important as the climax of the Daphne and Simon story, the main story of the Bridgerton series so far. Before the incident on the bridge, it was obvious that Cressida noticed Daphne putting the ball down. Assuming Cressida followed Daphne and found the discarded necklace on the bridge, this could have led her directly to Daphne and Simon in the garden. Showing this would have filled in important plot details that would otherwise go unaddressed.

Cressida might even have appeared in a later episode with the necklace, leaving viewers to speculate on how she ended up with it. One possible explanation could be that he stole it from the bridge while spying on Daphne and Simon. In another scenario, after Cressida retrieved the necklace and finished spying, she could have returned it to Prince Friedrich, putting herself on the good graces of both the Prince and Queen Charlotte. Letting Daphne explain her own carelessness to the Prince, along with the added anxiety of learning that Cressida found the necklace in the garden, would have created more drama and increased tension between these characters during a crucial moment in the story. Either scenario would have served the story well.

It is unlikely that Bridgerton Season 2 will return and explain Cressida’s spying, but if the show wanted to have a little fun with the missing necklace, it still could. Even something as simple as making the necklace reappear, for example hanging in Daphne’s closet, could give viewers the satisfaction of knowing that she was finally saved from the garden bridge.

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