Buffy controversy explained: all accusations against Joss Whedon

As allegations of abuse continue to mount against Joss Whedon, it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of which cast members of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Y Angel they have made specific accusations of professional misconduct. It’s important to make this distinction, as many have stepped forward to express their emotional support to their co-stars without specifically talking about any abuse they may have personally experienced.

Once a beloved icon of nerdy culture, Joss Whedon has fallen a lot and fast in recent years. In 2017, Whedon’s writing began to face increased scrutiny following the leak of his script for a Wonder Woman film, which many felt was too focused on the heroic acts of Steve Trevor and made Diana Prince a supporting character in her own movie, as well as descriptive passages that seemed to over-sexualize Diana. MCU fans raised similar issues about their script for Avengers: Age of Ultron and the revelation that Black Widow saw herself as a monster because she couldn’t have children. Shortly after that, his ex-wife, Kai Cole, wrote an article about his repeated infidelities and accused him of abusing his power on set, explaining that Whedon, whom he divorced in 2016, had used their relationship. “so that no one would question her relationships with other women or scrutinize her writings as more than a feminist.” Since then, some actors on his shows have corroborated Cole’s accusations and hinted at others, but it hasn’t been anything like the number of actors who are stepping up now.

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These troubling events fueled the most recent wave of controversy, which came after actor Ray Fisher accused Whedon of unprofessional conduct on the set of League of Justice. Her allegations first erupted in June 2020. Recently, Charisma Carpenter, who played Cordelia Chase in both Buffy Y Angel, affirmed his support for Fisher’s claims on social media and went on to elaborate on his own bad experiences working with Joss Whedon. This caused a tsunami of support as other Buffy Y Angel alumni came forward to support Carpenter and offer their accounts.

Carpenter charisma

While most of the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Y Angel Developed over time, few characters changed as drastically over the course of both series as Charisma Carpenter’s character, Cordelia Chase, which appeared in both series. When Carpenter became pregnant during Angel Season 4, her pregnancy and absence were explained by Cordelia being possessed by a supernatural being who intended to use Cordelia as a means to achieve her own rebirth. Cordelia then went into a coma and was killed during Angel Season 5. While there were rumors that Whedon had pulled Carpenter from the show due to her pregnancy, Carpenter never went into great detail about any arguments he might have had with Whedon. At a convention in 2009 (via Vanity fair) revealed that she had thought he was mad at her for getting pregnant, but softened it by saying that he could understand her frustration with how. “sometimes living your life gets in the way of perhaps the creator’s vision for the future. “

Recently, however, Carpenter went into more detail about your Twitter account, confirming that she was questioned as part of WarnerMedia’s investigation into Whedon’s abusive story. Describing Whedon as “casually cruel,Carpenter recalled how he frequently threatened to fire her, called her fat in front of co-workers when she was four months pregnant, played favorites, pitted people against each other to compete for approval, and generally acted passively. -aggressive. She specifically noted that Joss Whedon’s on-set abuse also came in the form of him attacking her religious beliefs and berating her for a rosary tattoo she had gotten. Perhaps most surprisingly, Whedon asked her in a closed-door meeting if she intended to keep the baby, and when she confirmed that she did, he began scheduling her to film her scenes at 1 a.m., despite the hours. orders from your doctor to shorten your work days and avoid night sessions.

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Stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt and stunt double Sophia Crawford

Buffy, Vampire Slayer Stuntman Sophia Crawford and Stunt Coordinator Jeff Pruitt

The first members of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer The production team to come out with detailed accounts of Joss Whedon’s abuse were there from the beginning. Jeff Pruitt served as the show’s stunt coordinator for its first four seasons and Sophia Crawford served as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s stunt double during that same period. The two began dating while working on the show and eventually tied the knot, but Whedon’s abuse and egomania caused them both to leave the stunt team after season 4. Pruitt was the first to declare his departure and Whedon allegedly told him Crawford that he could stay as Buffy’s stunt double. but only if she agreed to stop dating Pruitt. When she refused, Whedon allegedly threatened both Pruitt and Crawford, warning them that “no one will hire you again after this. “and that it would ruin their careers. Pruitt also alleged that keyloggers had been placed on his computer and those of some other employees to track every email they received (via Metro United Kingdom).

James marsters

James Marsters as Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Originally introduced as a minor villain in Buffy In season 2, Spike became a full member of the ensemble and one of Buffy’s love interests thanks to the charming performance of James Masters and his popularity with the fan base. This reportedly didn’t appeal to Whedon, who originally had drastically different plans for the sarcastic punk vampire. This displeasure manifested itself in a behind-the-scenes encounter between Joss Whedon and James Marsters, where, according to Marsters, Whedon “One day he pushed me back against a wall and said, ‘I don’t care how popular you are, boy, you’re dead. Can you hear me? Dead. Dead!'” Although this statement was originally written as Whedon being “angry with the situation ” Instead of him personally, the actor came to reconsider after learning the accusations against Whedon.

More recently, Marsters made a statement of support for Whedon’s accusers, regarding the accounts of his female co-stars, while acknowledging his own ignorance of the abuse they suffered at the hands of Whedon. Describing his own time as Spike as “not without challenges, “Marsters expressed his dismay at”the experiences of some of the cast. This would seem to confirm reports that Whedon was careful to keep his harassment of the actresses he directed behind closed doors.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played the title role of Buffy Summers, has yet to specifically comment on any of the allegations made by her co-stars. However, Gellar released a statement supporting “all survivors of abuse“on his personal Instagram account, saying that he would not make further statements at this time as he was.more focused on raising my family and surviving a pandemic today. “Gellar also said that while she was proud to have her name associated with Buffy Summers,”I don’t want to be forever associated with the name Joss Whedon. “

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Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg played Dawn Summers, Buffy’s younger sister, who was introduced to the series at the Buffy Premiere of season 5 when Trachtenberg was 14 years old. Trachtenberg shared Sarah Michelle Gellar’s comments on her Instagram, but made an additional statement alluding to her own traumatic experiences with Joss Whedon. Without going into details, Trachtenberg said a rule emerged in the Buffy establish that Whedon was “not allowed in a room alone with Michelle again,“describing your behavior in the incident that led to the creation of this rule as”inappropriate behavior …. very. Inappropriate“while reminding people that she was just a teenager during her time at Buffy.

Statements from the rest of the cast

While the rest of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Y Angel The cast have yet to come forward with their own abuse allegations, many of whom have confirmed the accounts of their co-stars or offered their emotional support. Amber Benson, who played Tara in Buffy, confirmed Carpenter’s claims on his personal Twitter account, saying that “Buffy was a toxic environment and it starts at the top.. “Eliza Dushku, who played the killer Faith before starring in the Whedon series Doll’s House, praised Charisma Carpenter’s post, saying it was “powerful, painful and painted a painting that collectively we will never stop seeing or ignoring “. Emma Caulfield, who played the former demon Anya in Buffyand J. August Richards (who played Charles Gunn in Angel) made similar statements of support on their social media. Finally, Anthony Stewart Head, who played the Scoobies’ mentor Rupert Giles, expressed his support for his co-stars in an interview with This morning, while discussing how I was “going through my memories, thinking, ‘What did I miss?’ Because this is not a man who says, ‘I didn’t see it, so it didn’t happen. I can’t, I’m shattered, I’m seriously shattered. “

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