Charlie Harper and 9 Most Blatantly Womanizer Characters on TV

A common TV trope is the cisgender man womanizer who lusts after all the women he sees, often looking only to sleep with them. He treats them badly, seeks out women based solely on physical appearance, and gets his way.

Despite society’s push towards gender equality, characters like these persist on television today. And unsurprisingly, in decades past, they were quite common. These types of characters serve to entertain television, whether fans support them or hate them. After all, it is fiction.

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One of the most popular womanizing television characters was Charlie Harper from Two and a half Men, played by veteran movie actor Charlie Sheen, but there have been many others.

10 Charlie Harper (Two and a Half Men)

Charlie’s womanizer was at the center of the story in this long-running comedy. He was a perpetual bachelor whose life was turned upside down when his younger brother Alan arrived, looking for a place to stay after being kicked out by his wife. She arrived with her 10-year-old son, which made it even more uncomfortable for Charlie to continue his sexual adventures.

Charlie was a terrible role model for the boy and would flirt with any attractive woman he encountered, often with terrible pickup lines. It didn’t matter if it was a woman in a bar, his obsessive neighbor, or even his nephew’s teachers, no one was off limits. But the fans ate it, making Charlie Sheen the highest paid actor on television for a while.

9 Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)

What caused Barney’s horrible actions to be accepted by viewers of How i met your mother was the hilarious and exaggerated delivery of actor Neil Patrick Harris. Barney has been harmed since childhood, but his actions toward women mainly stem from a teenage love that broke his heart by leaving the then quiet and sweet Barney for a more confident and pompous man in a suit. Barney vowed to be nothing more than a womanizer from then on.

Barney developed a book that described his various methods of flirting with women, often looking for the most attractive and naive ones he could easily manipulate. He took things too far many times, but Harris portrayed Barney almost as a caricature of a person, so his actions were more fun than hurtful.

8 Joey Tribbiani (Friends)

“How, You “It’s the cheesiest line ever, and it originated from silly Joey, an aspiring actor that women found attractive, so he made the most of his good looks and dated a lot.

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Portrayed by Matt LeBlanc, Joey, along with the rest of the main characters from Friends, are among the most popular sitcom characters to ever appear on the small screen. And while much of Joey’s womanizer was portrayed as innocent enough, he was still a womanizer who loved serial dating.

7 Sam Malone (Health)

It is a cliché for a bartender to be a womanizer. Add to that the character’s history as a former professional baseball player, not to mention his near-perfect mane of hair, and it was a recipe for selfish machismo.

Ted Danson personified the character in Health and helped make the show one of the most iconic sitcoms of the ’80s. His love for Diane (Shelley Long), however, helped humanize Sam and ultimately turned him into more than just a guy looking for an adventure. single night.

6 Hank Moody (Californication)

Californication Hank teaches writing

Despite being a man seemingly addicted to infidelity, fans couldn’t help but cheer on Hank (David Duchovny), the uninspired Californication Famous writer who always seemed to have trouble wherever he went and was more interested in drinking, partying, and sleeping with women than writing his next book.

What made Hank of Californication More enjoyable was the fact that he really loved his ex-wife and desperately wanted her to do better. But when women literally threw themselves at him and he found himself in compromising situations, he always made the wrong decisions.

5 Glenn Quagmire (Family Guy)

This character in Family man, voiced by Seth MacFarlane, is another cliché. After the woman he loved broke his heart, he decided to never open up to anyone again and just seek one night stands and mindless relationships.

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Despite looking quite young, he is supposedly in his sixties and is described not only as a womanizer, but also as a pervert and eager for sex. It’s no wonder he delivered really inappropriate pickup phrases throughout several episodes.

4 Don Draper (Mad Men)

Don Draper (Jon Hamm) from Crazy men He was deeply damaged by his past, which included being born to a sex worker, then raised by his verbal and abusive stepfather.

Don was married, but that didn’t stop him from sleeping with any woman who was chasing him. His secretary, a customer, or even a random woman in a restaurant – no one was off limits. Don seemed to drown his sorrows in women and, somehow, he was looking for the mother figure he never had in his life. While he was a serial womanizer, he also sometimes became attached to women who showed they cared. Although even then, it didn’t stop him from cheating.

3 Larry Dallas (Company of Three)

Company of three It totally fits the 70s era of which it is. That includes the very outdated premise that it certainly wouldn’t work today of a young man living with two women in a rented apartment, and has to pretend to be gay so as not to raise the owner’s eyebrows.

Jack Tripper’s best friend Larry, played by Richard Kline, was the stereotypical womanizer of the seventies. He was a used car salesman and often gave women Jack’s name instead of his own, especially when dealing with jealous boyfriends who weren’t too happy about their girlfriends dating a womanizer.

two Vincent Chase (entourage)

Sasha Gray Cameo in Entourage

Vincent Chase played a young actor who quickly rose to fame in Entourage, moving to Hollywood and hiring many of his childhood friends to work for him, or just hanging out while he enjoyed the fruits of his success. The character of Entourage was loosely based on singer and actor Mark Wahlberg, who served as executive producer.

Tempted by the world of Hollywood, access to beautiful women and legions of female fans, Vinny, played by Adrian Grenier, couldn’t resist. The character showed exactly what could happen to a young man in his 20s who suddenly becomes loved and adored by all, earning millions of dollars.

1 Schmidt (new girl)

Abby and Schmidt from New Girl

In the final seasons of this long-running sitcom, attention turned to Schmidt’s deep obsession and devotion to Cece, the woman he eventually married. But before meeting her, and during their times of separation, Schmidt in New girl he was frankly a womanizer.

Schmidt lived to sleep with different women every night, and his behavior was said to be due to his dramatic weight loss after college that finally made him feel confident and gain the attention of more women. While his behavior was deplorable, it was clear that Schmidt was only trying to fill a void in his life and boost his self-confidence with meaningless relationships. But he proved that he could and wanted to be dedicated to a woman once he met the love of his life.

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