Clarice’s scenario breaks the timeline of the silence of the lambs

CBS’s Clarice series that is set in 1993 does not match in continuity with the scenario set in Silence of the Lambs, breaking the timeline.

In an apparent continuity error, ClariceThe 1993 setting automatically breaks the timeline of The silence of the lambs. Starring Rebecca Breeds as Clarice Starling, the new CBS series is designed for the FBI special agent to overcome her experience with Dr. Hannibal Lecter and set her on a new path to hunt down more serial killers. But since Clarice it’s a direct sequel, why does it instantly deviate from when The silence of the lambs occurs?

Launched in 1991, The silence of the lambs it swept the 1992 Academy Awards and won Best Actress for Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling, Best Actor for Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter, Best Director for Jonathan Demme and Best Picture. However, the events of the film itself are set in 1990, when Starling was an FBI trainee sent to interview Hannibal at the Baltimore State Hospital for Mad Criminals. Lecter was fascinated by Clarice and struck a quid pro quo with her: Starling gave her “pieces” of his life in exchange for an idea of ​​how to catch Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine), a serial killer who kidnapped and skinned women. . Hannibal’s first errand for Clarice was “look at yourself”, which led her to the Your Self garage in Baltimore, where Starling found the severed head of one of Lecter’s patients, Benjamin Raspail. Year Silence of inocents takes place is clearly established in this scene: When told that the garage had been rented prepaid for 10 years, Clarice asked: “So no one has been here since 1980?” before she bravely entered the facility alone.

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ClariceThe premiere episode, “The Silence Is Over”, establishes that the series set in 1993 takes place a year later. The silence of the lambs because Starling tells her therapist (Shawn Doyle) that she just attended the first anniversary of the Buffalo Bill murders that ended the families of their victims. This brought Starling back into the spotlight as the “face” of the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit and made her front page of the tabloids. Meanwhile, Clarice still harbors intense PTSD from her descent into Buffalo Bill’s house of horrors to kill the killer and rescue his latest victim, Catherine Martin (Marnee Carpenter). But 1993 does not make sense that it takes place a year later The silence of the lambs.

However, there is a small gray area inside The silence of the lambs’ ending lets Clarice change the year to 1993 because there is a jump in time at the end of the movie. After Starling saved Catherine Martin, the film anticipates Clarice’s graduation ceremony, where she becomes a full-fledged FBI special agent. It is not established how much time passes or how long Starling’s training at the FBI generally lasted, but it was long enough between Buffalo Bill’s death and graduation for Hannibal Lecter to travel to the Bahamas from where he called Clarice and asked : “Have the lambs stopped screaming?”

And yet even this time it jumps The silence of the lambs does not stop at all Clarice She holds up her internal logic because Starling says she’s been an “Igor” in the Behavioral Science basement for the last year (after graduation). Since Bill was captured in 1990 (no holidays have been seen during the film), then 1991 would have been the first anniversary of the murders, not 1993. Deliberately choosing 1993 was not really necessary, as it would have been just that easy for Clarice It will be set in 1991 or 1992 and it still keeps Starling hunting serial killers in the analog age before the internet and cell phones.

To be fair, the Hannibal Lecter movies (and NBC Hannibal TV series) play by their own rules and do not meticulously maintain a consistent general canon. Hannibal’s original movie, Michael Mann’s Manhunter, was established in 1986, but The silence of the lambs ignored it and established his own canon according to the time the movie was produced because Thomas Harris The silence of the lambs novel was set in 1983. Meanwhile, NBC Hannibal made changes to Lecter’s timeline and should be set to his own canon which does not agree with The silence of the lambs or Clarch.

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