COD: Black Ops Cold War bug gives fans control over the clouds

A recently discovered Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War bug allows players to do strange things with clouds by pointing them. Treyarch says it is a known issue.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is experiencing a strange bug where players can essentially control clouds just by looking at them. This new cloud bug joins a pretty sizable list of other notable bugs the game has been plagued with since its launch in November. Players have started noticing this issue after visual effects, such as clouds, started expanding and shrinking depending on how the player looks at them.

Black Ops Cold War Had a bumpy ride to release. In addition to being developed during a pandemic that forced developers to make a large part of the game from home, the game was also rebooted about a year before its release. The title was intended to be created by Sledgehammer Games and was also intended as a Cold War / Vietnam game, except without the Black ops Connection. After clashing with co-developer Raven Software, Sledgehammer was removed from the game by Activision. This probably led to Black Ops Cold War be a bit rushed as a lot of things changed in a very short period of time, which is likely to lead to some of the bugs and issues the game is grappling with now. Sledgehammer is now developing the 2021 entry of Obligations, but that has not yet been officially confirmed.

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The new Black Ops Cold War The bug was initially reported on the Reddit user MrBigBeans69 (via Eurogamer) which showed a video of the strange cloud bug. However, the problem does not stop at some clouds on a single map. This is an issue that has spread to other things like fire, as well as other different visuals when ADS players while looking at these entities.

Treyarch’s Josh Torres commented on the video on Reddit and pointed out that this is an issue that occurs when the FOV slider is activated above 80. Black Ops Cold War Trello board notes that this problem occurs to the glowing eyes of zombies, as well as to smoke on top of clouds. However, it appears that this may be an issue unique to Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

War zone Y Modern warfarWe’ve had other strange issues as well, but thankfully they have been fixed. War zone I was encountering a rather critical issue that would make the markers not appear, essentially removing any comments when shooting someone. This can cause problems as it basically tells players if they are hitting or missing their shots; if the hitmarkers don’t work, players will surely think they are missing everything they shoot. Awarded, Black Ops Cold War The cloud problem is much less, but hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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Source: MrBigBeans69 (via Eurogamer)

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