Dack Fayden: Who is Magic: The Gathering’s Comic Book Planeswalker?

Dack Fayden’s rise and fall in the Multiverse is one of the most incredible stories in Magic: the Gathering.

The Multiverse of Magic: The Gathering is full of amazing worlds that are crossed by powerful Planeswalkers, beings capable of piercing the veil that separates all these realities. Many of these Planeswalkers are fairly stereotypical heroes and villains, from mind wizards chasing their own shattered memories to demons seeking greater power for their own selfish reasons. Then there are those, like Dack Fayden, who prefer to give up the trappings of saving the world for a lifetime of high-flying heists.

Dack Fayden, aka the greatest thief in the multiverse, began life on the plane of Fiora, a majestic and resplendent world of picturesque horizons and political intrigue. In the city of Drakeston, Dack grew up as one of the most promising young wizards in his academy alongside his classmate Marsh and his childhood friend Mariel. When Marsh was killed in a fight with another group of locals, Dack’s Planeswalker spark ignited, although it was too late to do anything for his friend. After the tragic loss, Dack made good use of his psychometric powers as a thief. Able to understand and gather knowledge of objects with just one touch, Dack was always on the hunt for bigger and bigger treasures. During a particularly daring heist, Dack was captured and imprisoned, forced to undergo a lengthy process of torture that left one of his hands permanently red scarred to mark him as a thief. While Dack was finally able to free himself, his return home only brought him more heartbreak when he discovered that Drakeston was the victim of a bloody massacre. The sight of his loved ones slaughtered and his house razed to the ground was more than enough to send Dack fleeing to the Blind Eternities between planes once more, finally settling for a time on the Ravnica city plan.

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Ravnica, an urban world made up of ten different guilds, was the perfect place for Dack to settle for some time. With no shortage of work and an almost endless sea of ​​rooftops to jump on, Dack had finally found a comfortable spot. In no time, Dack had built a reputation among the various spies and thieves in the guilds. He flourished in his work until fate led him to steal an ancient dagger from the manic Cult of Rakdos. The sword, known as the Ancient Fang, contained the memories of all who had wielded it. This included the Planeswalker known as Sifa Grent and the knowledge that she had been the one who slaughtered the residents of Drakeston. With the name and face of the assassin in his mind, Dack set off for Innistrad’s terrifying gothic plane in his search for Sifa. There he met the former vampire Planeswalker Sorin Markov, who led Dack to Sifa’s homeworld, Grixis, before chasing the evil wizard back to Ravnica for their final encounter. While Dack was able to exact revenge on his fallen friends, Sifa’s death only did so much to ease his pain, so the Greatest Thief in the Multiverse once again set off leaping through the Blind Eternities in search of gold and glory.

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After traversing the plane of Theros and its underworld, Dack returned to Ravnica, drawn by the interplanar beacon along with dozens of other Planeswalkers. Unbeknownst to Dack and the others, the beacon was merely a means to an end on the part of the ancient Elder Dragon Nicol Bolas. Bolas, along with the mechanistic madman Tezzeret, had been gathering resources from across the Multiverse in an effort to defeat the Planeswalkers that threatened his reign as the supreme force. Dack wasn’t very interested in the idea of ​​sticking around to see how the fight went, but his conscience outstripped his survival instincts. Dack decided to stay with the rest of the heroes in Ravnica. Unfortunately, Dack lost his life in the fray when he was surrounded by the armored zombies known as Eternals, themselves collected from the world of Amonkhet by Bolas. The monsters tore the spark from his chest. Dack’s story may not be the longest in Magic: the Gathering Multiverse, but it’s certainly one of the most memorable.

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