DC Reminds Fans Internet Favorite Superman Meme Is Canon Comics

DC Comics has reminded fans that the internet’s favorite Superman meme is canon. Even in the future, Lex Luthor will not be able to escape a crime from his past.

Warning! Spoilers for Future State: Superman vs Imperious Lex # 1

DC Comics has reminded fans that the internet favorite Superman meme is actually canon. Even across the universe in the future, the Metropolis businessman Lex luthor he cannot escape a strange and shocking crime from his past.

Future state explores the Man of Steel’s relationship with Luthor years later. Future State: Superman vs Imperious Lex # 1 It is written by Mark Russell with art by Steve Pugh. During a United Planets meeting they attend Lois lane, Superman, Hawkman, a guardian of Oa, and members of other alien species, Luthor receives an award for applying to join his coalition. However, it seems that Superman does not even know about the whereabouts of his former rival.

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An alien clarifies and asks if Lex Luthor is known as “an interplanetary villain and cake thief”. Apparently, this is what the criminal mastermind has become famous for across the galaxy in the not-too-distant future. The Alien Line is a reference to a popular meme, from an illustration that appears in the Super Dictionary, a book published by DC in 1978, which showed Luthor in the process of robbing a cart with 40 cakes.

Lex Luthor Cakes

When the image resurfaced online, fans laughed at how absurd it was for Lex to go from being Superman’s biggest threat to robbing bakeries and taking his cakes. However, Lex’s cake crime was later incorporated into canon when it was revealed that he had stolen the same number of cakes from a school bake sale as a child. Within the first pages of Imperious Lex # 1, says a lot that aliens recognize the super criminal for such a miniscule crime, which earned him a completely different title besides “villain.” Just like it has become a meme, in reality, it is also practically an in-universe meme.

This reference gets even funnier when it is revealed that Lex now rules his own planet called “Lexor”. He’s come a long way since his cake-stealing days of youth. However, it is apparently still a joke to the galaxy, which seems to be unaware that it is currently leading a world. There are several titles that seem more appropriate to include in a quick description of his life on Earth, but instead of “CEO of LexCorp” or “Former President of the United States of America”, it seems intentionally degrading that this is the incident that the United Planets choose to go out there.

It’s pretty degrading to Lex’s massive ego that in the future, he still hasn’t earned the respect of the universe, including courtesy from the United Planets, despite being technically a political leader at the moment. With this quick dig into Lex’s past, before he was a renowned criminal mind, it seems like a confrontation is in the works. Clearly, the United Planets is avidly anti-Luthor, and they have yet to learn of their newfound power as ruler of Lexor. Once you learn that the council ignores your accomplishments and mocks your attempts to join them, it is only a matter of time until Lex luthor fight back.

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