DC teases Harley Quinn’s last moments, and they’re PERFECT

DC: Love is a Battlefield teases Harley Quinn’s final fate, and it’s a surprisingly sweet and absolutely perfect ending for the character.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DC’s “The Beginning” story: Love Is A Battlefield # 1 by Tim Seeley, Rebekah Isaacs, Kurt Michael Russell and Travis Lanham, out now.

The ever-changing DC Universe means that some characters have had their possible final moments teased in unexpected ways. This ranges from valuing the final battles to the smallest personal moments, with one of the most powerful now being teased for one of DC’s most explosive couples.

DC just revealed that Harley Quinn could live a long and happy life with Ivy, and eventually embrace a new life in a reborn plant form alongside Ivy.

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The story traces the history of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s relationship, beginning when they first met in Arkham Asylum. As the years passed, the pair became criminal partners, working together against Batman and Robin as part of criminal enterprises. The two slowly formed a romance from their partnership, working together to take down many heroes and other villains. Together they saved the world by accident, found a way to help restore the natural world, and even finally made peace with Batman and his allies, working together to help bring the planet back to life.

Years later, Ivy and Harley grew old together. While Ivy appears to be in good health, Harley lives the rest of her life from a hospital bed. Not staying long together before Harley passes away, Ivy reveals that she made a special compound using the waters of the Wells of Lazarus. The seeds will transform the two of you into new plant life, allowing you to be reborn together. The price is that doing so will erase any memories they have of their original lives, effectively erasing who they were and who they have been. But Harley agrees with this, taking the pill with gusto and expressing her hope that this time, she will find Ivy earlier in her life.

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Harley and Ivy have been hanging around for years, and their slow romance has become a highlight of Harley’s growth as a character. Originally caught in the shadow of the Joker and his plans, Harley found more than one friend in Poison Ivy. He found a confidant and eventually even helped the other villain overcome his hatred for humanity. Without Harley, Ivy probably would have remained a straightforward villain, doomed to always be fighting Batman and always failing. But with Harley’s help, Ivy was able to move on and grow, becoming a kinder and more noble figure along the way. He found a way to help the world instead of simply bringing chaos to the world of men. In essence, they became the love of each other’s life and helped each other overcome their problems.

The fact that the couple spend their lives together makes their slow romance even more rewarding, proving that Harley never found herself under the Joker’s bondage again, and Ivy was able to help the planet. It is possible that their new plant forms continue in some way, allowing the couple to continue together even in death. Harley dies a peaceful death alongside the person she loves, knowing that they will never be apart again. It’s a moving final moment for Harley, and it gives her a sweet goodbye, and considering all the pain she’s endured in her life, it’s a perfectly calm ending for Harley Quinn.

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