Dr. Stone: Tsukasa is about to turn Senku’s genius against him

In Dr. Stone, the Empire of Tsukasa has captured Chrome, and as Senku intends to rescue him, he could be led into a dangerous trap.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dr. Stone, Season 2, Episode 5, “STEAM GORILLA” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Dr stoneSenku is usually the smartest person in the room, taking on any challenge with his vast scientific knowledge and energetic ambition to do so. This time, however, Tsukasa could have gotten over him and outwitted him, since he already knows how Senku plans to rescue Chrome; in fact, he knowingly influenced Senku’s decision. Now, Tsukasa awaits his prey.

Senku previously built a car with a steam engine to transport the base of operations closer to the Tsukasa Empire. Episode 5 proves that it is an even more vital piece to save Chrome, as Senku uses paper and molten plastic to transform the newly manufactured car into a massive tank with a carbon outer shell. Suika, assuming her role as Detective Suika, advances in her melon disguise and finds Chrome locked in a cave behind bamboo bars. In front of Chrome’s jail cell is a relatively open and spacious rocky terrain, which, while heavily protected, gives Senku the idea of ​​breaking through and freeing his friend.

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As Senku polishes his updates, Tsukasa and Hyoga argue over Chrome’s arrest. Tsukasa notes that he is concerned about gunpowder and the construction of a steam engine, which he is confident Senku will create. With that in mind, Chrome’s location is easily susceptible to a vehicle attack, and the open space is full of traps. More specifically, the traps are false floors that lead to bamboo spikes when uncovered.

Tsukasa is counting on a heavy vehicle not surviving long enough to reach Chrome. Senku considers that concern as well, telling his villagers that the tank is essentially a one-shot attack. While it will be impervious to the stone age weapons of Tsukasa’s army, it may not fully survive the accident, and if there are measures against vehicular assault, which there are, then it is even more difficult.

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Senku regularly mocks everyone he meets, but Tsukasa, one of the first people Senku revived, proves that he knows Senku too well to be easily outdone. It practically lured Senku in for another technological breakthrough, something Senku apparently can’t resist, with another irresistible situation in the opportunity to save his friends.

This dynamic dates back to the initial conflict between the two, where Tsukasa wants to create a perfect world, free from the problems of the past and the people who caused them, while Senku wants to save everyone, especially his friends. Senku’s guiding morality coupled with his passion could be the cause of his untimely doom, especially since Tsukasa has always had a way of putting him in compromising positions.

Dr stone and this conflict, in particular, centers on the manipulation of information, and whoever controls it is likely to influence the war in their favor. Senku could have made different decisions if Suika had been aware of the traps set in front of Chrome’s prison.

However, Chrome isn’t content to be a helpless bystander despite being captured. After seeing one of the traps exposed, he knows that his friends are in danger and decides to free himself in order to save the village of Ishigami. If Chrome can somehow communicate with Senku and the others, the tides of war will change completely. Even more impressive, if Chrome breaks, chaos will ensue as the communication lines on both sides could transmit inaccurate information. That change in dynamics could guarantee a victory for Senku, but as it stands, it will run straight into Tsukasa’s trap.

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