Dragon Ball: 10 times Vegeta proved he loved Bulma

Dragon Ball It has always been a popular anime series, but it is remarkable how Akira Toriyama’s action franchise has managed to evolve and remain relevant over several decades and increase the size of its impressive audience. Dragon Ball caters to thrilling action sequences, but is also packed with important character dynamics and relationships.

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There are many memorable anime romances, but one of the most striking is the union between From Dragon Ball Z Vegeta and Bulma. Initially it strikes as a real shock that the Aggressive Saiyan Prince He would be interested in someone like Bulma, but over time he repeatedly proves how much she means to him.

10 Attack Beerus to defend his honor

What is easily one of the biggest and most celebrated moments in Vegeta and Bulma’s relationship is brought about by Beerus’ arrival on Earth during the beginning of Dragon Ball Super. God of Destruction Beerus he is radically stronger than any previous opponent.

However, this daunting reality doesn’t stop Vegeta from telling Beerus what he thinks after he insults Bulma. Vegeta says “That’s my Bulma!” The moment perfectly demonstrates that he will do anything to defend his wife and will selflessly risk his life.

9 Knows how to compartmentalize training

It is not easy to balance family life with the type of rigorous training program Vegeta depends on. It is this very problem that has caused the conflict between Goku and Chi-Chi, as her training time always comes at the expense of her and her family.

Arguably, Vegeta values ​​training even more than Goku, but he finds a way to make it work without affecting his personal life. Vegeta really embraces training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, allowing him to maximize his time there rather than wasting more time in the normal world.

8 They have children

This may seem superficial, but if Vegeta wasn’t so committed to Bulma and their future together then he would have been less interested in not just having a child with her, but another and actually building a family together with her. Also, Vegeta and Bulma’s children don’t become an afterthought to the Saiyan.

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One of the most moving moments of Dragon ball super involves Vegeta refusing to participate in the Tournament of Power because Bulma hasn’t gave birth to Bra still and he will not leave his wife’s side until she gives birth. It’s the opposite of Goku’s attitude.

7 His Last Moments as Majin Vegeta: Vegeta does not forget about Bulma’s well-being even during these moments of possession.

Dragon Ball Z‘s Buu Saga He tries to recapture some of the magic from the anime’s Saiyan Saga when he temporarily turns Vegeta evil. It’s a terrifying event when Vegeta returns to this dark place, but before making the ultimate sacrifice, he relies on the comfort of his family to find peace.

Vegeta knows that he is about to leave and, before doing so, he makes sure that Trunks is not there to witness the act and that Bulma is also properly prepared for its end. Vegeta doesn’t forget about Bulma’s well-being even during these moments of possession.

6 He does not interrupt his work at Capsule Corp

Any good relationship makes the two partners work as a team, but also as independent entities. Vegeta and Bulma may be wildly different, but they both understand and respect each other’s interests. Vegeta’s priorities involve training, but he doesn’t use this as an excuse to derail Bulma’s passions or have her change her life to revolve around combat.

Vegeta does not bother Bulma’s fascination with science and technologyBut he also doesn’t protest when she repairs him during his gravity training for the androids. It reflects such an even balance between them, unlike how Goku has disrupted Chi-Chi’s interests.

5 He takes the family on vacation

The beginning of Dragon ball super helps introduce some powerful new characters and ideas, like Beerus and the Super Saiyan God transformation. Nevertheless, From Dragon Ball Super start also has something fill-based downtime which shows the characters during more playful moments of rest.

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A rather entertaining example of this is when Vegeta takes Bulma and Trunks on a mini-vacation that includes an amusement park, delicious cuisine, and unexpected surprises. Bulma and Trunks love the experience, but Vegeta seems embarrassed and bored the entire time. Even though none of this is Vegeta’s rhythm, he still participates to make Bulma happy.

4 Even when he’s evil, he keeps his family together through infection

Anime Dragon Ball GT Baby Vegeta with Bulma

Dragon Ball GT It is a controversial chapter in the franchise’s history. It gets its share of criticism, but there is still a lot of appreciation for the villain, baby. Baby searches for the right host, prompting him to take over Vegeta’s body. Baby Vegeta expands his domain and owns most of the Earth’s population.

During this possession, Baby Vegeta values ​​the brainwashed versions of Bulma and Bra and keeps them by his side rather than eliminating them entirely. Baby Vegeta is not as sympathetic to others, so it is important that even in this deteriorating state he wants his wife by his side.

3 The mentor role he takes on with Future Trunks

One of the most exciting developments to take place in Dragon ball super is the return of the fan favorite character, Future Trunks. Future Trunks plays a crucial role in the battle against Goku Black and Zamasu, but their presence also allows Vegeta another chance to bond with this alternate and older version of his son.

Vegeta does not waste this opportunity and tries to train and help Future Trunks learn a lot during his time in the “past”. Bulma also appreciates the care Vegeta shows Future Trunks and how her husband is focused on helping him find inner peace.

two Will take his daughter shopping

One of the most interesting aspects of Dragon Ball GT it’s in how he treats the characters after a time jump. Vegeta has gone through some unexpected style changes in this time, but he is also shown with his now-teenage daughter, Bra. This is the first time Vegeta’s relationship with his eldest daughter has been explored.

Vegeta appears to be taking Bra shopping and running simple errands with her rather than being something he insists she do with her mother. It shows that Vegeta is willing to give Bulma time to herself and share parental duties as well.

1 See what is important to him during the tournament of power

dragon ball z_ super saiyan blue vegeta

Dragon Ball Super Power Tournament test Universe 7 against the most dangerous fighters in the multiverse. Vegeta does a great job for Universe 7, but becomes increasingly desperate. Vegeta prepares to execute a dramatic blow that will unleash all of his energy in a deadly blast. This doesn’t cost Vegeta his life, but he thinks it will.

Before continuing with this, think warmly of Bulma, her children, and the Saiyans of Universe 6, such as Cabba. It is proof that Bulma is one of the most important things to him and what he wants to reflect on before he leaves..

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