There are many anime series that have made their mark on the industry, but few have demonstrated the level of endurance and success that the series has followed. Dragon Ball franchise. Akira Toriyama’s series has grown tremendously since its debut and it is remarkable to see the strength that Goku and other characters have achieved at the end of Dragon ball super.

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The last Dragon Ball The anime has introduced new universes that are filled with exciting new characters, with Kale from Universe 6 and his fellow Saiyans being the main ones among them. Kale is a complex character who is quite strong, but far from invincible when it comes to the other characters in Dragon Balls big world.

10 Can Defeat: Tien is exceptional for a human, but Pales to Kale

One of the most exciting developments in Dragon ball super is that the Tournament of Power has Goku exploring the world in search of the best and strongest fighters. This allows characters that have since fallen out of favor, like Tien, to return and once again gain relevance.

Ten he is one of the strongest humans on Earth, but his strength is still a fraction of what Kale can achieve in his basic Super Saiyan form. Tien may be more skilled in battle, but when pushed into a corner, Kale is able to instinctively persevere.

9 Would lose: Broly would use Kale’s trick against her

Anime Dragon Ball Super Broly Neck Crack

A battle between Kale and Broly would be extremely interesting since Kale’s introduction in Dragon ball super I felt like the The anime’s way of incorporating an equivalent to the character from the movie.. Kale functions as the Broly equivalent from Universe 6, especially due to his Super Saiyan Berserk upgrade, reflecting his own Legendary Super Saiyan transformation.

For this reason, it would be a pretty close fight, but in the end, Broly’s basic form has more instinct and aggression than Kale’s shyness. They are both similarly introverted, but Broly is slightly better.

8 Can Defeat: Cell is a deadly villain who would tremble at the power of Kale

Anime Dragon Ball Z Perfect Cell Smug

Many villains in the Dragon Ball The universe has been given second chances to attack heroes, but Cell is a powerful foe who has never returned in substantial capacity. Cell is not only very strong, but he has a wide arsenal of abilities. However, a Super Saiyan 2 rookie was able to defeat him easily.

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Kale has gained this ability and pushed it further, and even if this wasn’t enough, his Super Saiyan Berserk form would do the job. It is possible that Cell has gotten stronger since Cell Saga Days, but it has never been explored.

7 Would lose – Frieza’s enhanced abilities would be too much for Kale

Freeza is a Dragon Ball Antagonist who has returned in numerous capacities and has not only gained powerful new transformations, but has even become a reluctant ally to Goku and company during the Tournament of Power.

In this context, Kale and Golden Frieza can meet. Frieza is intimidated by Kale’s Super Saiyan Berserk form, but he is too unstable, while Frieza is someone who is always plotting many moves ahead. Frieza is too roach and he would find ways to survive and survive Kale.

6 Can defeat: Kale’s Saiyan strength is enough to overwhelm Android 18

Dragon ball super do something exceptional work with Androids 17 and 18 and reunites them as a team in the Tournament of Power. As a team these two could take out Kale, but it’s still unclear and Android 18 alone would definitely not be enough to finish the job.

18 might be a more resourceful and aggressive fighter, but Kale’s Super Saiyan Berserk transformation is enough to make Goku and Vegeta stop. It would probably be a messy and aggressive fight, but Kale would be pushed to become the victor.

5 Would lose: Kale’s strongest tricks are still not enough for Jiren

Dragon ball super features some very powerful fighters from multiple universes in the Tournament of Power and both Kale and Jiren are some of the few selected in the top percentile. Jiren turns out to be one of the final opponents and can hit Golden Frieza and even Goku in his Ultra Instinct difficulty form.

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If these combinations aren’t strong enough to defeat Jiren, then Kale won’t make it either, even in his Berserk form. Jiren is strong enough to resist her attacks, but can also evade her in speed.

4 Can Defeat – Gohan’s lack of training allows Kale to overcome him

Dragon Balls Gohan’s handling of later chapters of Dragon Ball Z and henceforth it is quite frustrating for those who expected him replace Goku as protagonist of the anime. Gohan still receives powerful buffs such as the Mystic / Ultimate boost and while he becomes the leader of Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power, he is still a support player.

Consequently, Kale’s training is more recent and in tune with her Saiyan powers. Super Saiyan 2 Kale might not beat Gohan, but his Berserk transformation would absolutely scare him and probably scare Gohan too.

3 Would lose: Goku helped Kale grow stronger and has surpassed her before

When Kale and the rest of the Saiyans from Universe 6 first appear, Goku is delighted to teach these people the basics and help them quickly climb the ladder of Super Saiyan transformations. Goku is certainly surprised by Kale’s Super Saiyan Berserk transformation and is able to keep up with her in his Super Saiyan Blue form.

Kale’s transformation mostly leaves Goku on the defensive, but over time he learns how it operates and is able to take advantage. Goku has only gotten stronger since their last fight, while it’s unclear if Kale has learned any new tricks.

two Can defeat: Piccolo’s brilliance is not enough for Kale’s latent rage

Little still a smart fighter until the end of Dragon Balls run, but unfortunately, his immense Namekian abilities still don’t compare to Saiyan’s raw aggression. Piccolo is a smart and confident fighter and could handle Kale in his basic form, but beyond that he would be fighting.

Piccolo has versatile abilities, but Super Saiyan Berserk Kale is the perfect strategy for this type of situation where Kale’s brain can seemingly shut down and she only operates with aggression and power. It’s the opposite of Kale’s usual demeanor and enough to push Piccolo out of his comfort zone.

1 Would Lose: God Of Destruction Beerus Is On A Whole Different Level Than Kale

Anime Dragon Ball Super Beerus Energy Attack

Kale has been able to prove her worth as one of the strongest fighters in Universe 6 and an impressive Saiyan in her own right. The brute force that Kale can harness is often enough to overwhelm most of his opponents, but someone like Beerus, a god of destruction, is a celestial entity that would not even consider Kale a threat.

Goku in Ultra Instinct mode is still not enough for Beerus and Kale is nowhere near that level. Also, if Beerus ever felt really threatened, then he could use Hakai and erase Kale so he exists.

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