Dragon Ball Super: 10 Ways Universe 7 Could Have Increased Its Deadly Level

Universe 7 isn’t at the bottom of the list, there are still ways they could have increased their deadly level in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon ball super has helped the Dragon Ball The franchise has become more popular than ever. A great change that is present in Dragon ball super is the introduction of new universes and the revelation that Universe 7 is the “main” world of the series.

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Universe 7 is really proven its worth in comparison to the other universes when the anime turns to it. Competitive tournament of power. This tournament clarifies which of the 12 universes are the most powerful, and while Universe 7 isn’t at the bottom of the list, there are still ways they could have increased their deadly level before the epic showdown.

10 Make extensive use of spirit space and time

From Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power puts Universe 7 to the test more than ever and forces you to consider the right reps and strategy. Universe 7 does not underestimate the severity of this threat and they spend a lot of time trainingBut there are certain tools that they could have used to your advantage.

Past occasions like the Cell Games led the characters to extensively use the Room of Spirit and Time to rack up years of training in a compact time frame. It may have felt like a cheap move, but Universe 7 should have put their entire team in the room at different points.

9 Get help from Cell

Anime Dragon Ball Cell Kamehameha

One of the biggest twists that occur during the Tournament of Power is when Universe 7 makes a last minute substitution that brings Frieza back as an ally, even though he is dead. Frieza is definitely powerful, but the same can be said for Cell.

It could be said that Cell would be as great as an asset on his team with broader range of skills At your service. Cell hasn’t returned as much as Frieza and his power would be an advantage against other universes.

8 Take advantage of time travel and the trunks of the future

Goku looks everywhere for contestants when he recruits fighters for the Universe 7 Tournament of Power team. Goku doesn’t leave villains and the deceased off the list, but he could have also turned to time travel for help. Future Trunks appeared recently during the Goku Black arc and would be of greater help on his team than any of his human allies.

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It may seem like an abuse to be able to knock Future Trunks off his timeline for a tournament, but considering the entire universe is at stake, he is almost as big a threat as Zamasu.

7 Build more androids

Androids 17 and 18 are some of the strongest fighters in Universe 7, but they also have the primary benefit of infinite stamina. This is a major factor in Android 17’s ability to win the Universe 7 tournament. The team could have taken advantage of this and built more Androids to fight for.

Bulma has proven to be more genius than Dr. Gero and it would have been an interesting development for 17 and 18 to help develop new Androids, or even rebuild fighters like Androids 16 or 19.

6 Don’t waste the potential of Buu and Uub


The original list of features of Universe 7 Majin Boo, who would be an important asset in the fight. Buu’s laid-back nature takes hold of him and his dream keeps him unable to fight. The deadly level of Universe 7 would have improved if they kept Buu on the right track and avoided this inevitability. Furthermore, Uub is also in the world. Even though he’s still young at this point, there could have been an effort to start training early and see where Uub is.

5 Push other characters to submit to the latest updates

behind When it seemed that Gohan was positioned to become the main hero, a lot of attention was put on the ultimate upgrade he experiences from Old Kai after he frees him from the Z Sword.

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the Ultimate update effectiveness in the anime it is still debatable, but it is still treated as a fundamental boost in power. It could have been satisfying to see people like Krillin, Tenshinhan or Roshi go through the same test.

4 Go to other tournament fighters

The filler material in Dragon Ball is often criticized, but one of the most enjoyable episodes involves Goku’s participation in the Afterlife Tournament and his climactic showdown with Pikkon. Pikkon has become a fan favorite character and many were even hoping that Dragon ball super I’d find a way to canonically bring it into the series. This never happens, but the Tournament of Power would have been the perfect opportunity for Goku to return to this forgotten well and consider these. Valuable deceased warriors.

3 Spend time in Yardrat to train and master skills

There are several memorable and important planets that have appeared in Dragon Ball, but Planet Yardrat is especially notable, as this is where Goku learns Instant Transmission. From Dragon Ball Super surprisingly manga go back to Yardrat when Vegeta learns Forced Spiritual Fission.

Universe 7 would have benefited from making this trip to Yardrat even earlier and using it as an important learning experience. Every member of the Universe 7 team could have learned new and diverse skills for their big fight.

two Seriously consider merging

Fusion is often a useful maneuver against extremely powerful villains, but it is treated as a dangerous tactic in the Tournament of Power. Fusion is not forbidden like other skills or tools are, but it is quite risky as a kill kills multiple teammates instead of just one.

Universe 7 is uneasy about the use of fusion, which is probably for the best, but they could still have developed a strategy to make it work. Planning ahead for the merge with characters like Gotenks could have helped Universe 7 early in the tournament.

1 Make use of the eclectic powers of the Ginyu force

The Ginyu Force is a peculiar group of villains they go all the way back to From Dragon Ball Z Bow Frieza on Namek, but Dragon ball super shows that he has not forgotten about them and finds a way to bring Captain Ginyu back, albeit in a hampered capacity.

The Ginyu Force is not as strong as any of Universe 7’s final fighters, but the techniques at its disposal, such as Ginyu’s body-swapping maneuver or Guldo’s ability to freeze time, would have been game-changing in combat. . The correct use of these unusual abilities could have immediately ended the tournament.

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