Endless Legend: What Makes Ghouls Funny

Don’t you like your neighbors? You can take the opportunity to eat them like ghouls in Amplitude Studio’s classic Endless Legend strategy game.

2014 Amplitude Studio game Endless legend stands out from the other 4x games of the genre. From the art style to the music, the game is magnificent. Unlike other 4x games, there are a multitude of factions to choose from that have markedly different playstyles.

These different factions really lean on the fantastic look of Endless legend. Yes, there are at least three human factions and one elf faction, but you can also play as a draconic faction, a mer-person faction, or even a vampiric faction that primarily eats Dust, the game’s equivalent of gold. Each faction interacts with the Auriga scenario differently, and players are encouraged to try different ones to see which one suits them best.

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With that in mind, insect-like ghouls can be extremely fun to play. Designed to suit a more bellicose playstyle, Ghouls may It can be used to win other victories, like expansion, economic, wonder, or almost impossibly diplomatic, but it’s more fun to trample the world and eat them all.

The way the Ghouls gameplay is constructed fits this approach as well. Unlike factions like the Cultists or the Allayi, who thrive on small, compact games, the Ghouls need be constantly roaming the overworld, as they cannot simply rely on their settlements to provide enough food for reliable growth. The ghouls drop that pesky tree of diplomacy and all the tech that goes with it. However, you won’t miss it; It takes too long to get most of those quests anyway.

Now that we’ve gotten rid of the need to be nice to neighbors, it’s also important to be aware of the ghouls’ own strengths and weaknesses. Like the other factions, growth is slow at first, but unlike the other factions, if the ghouls don’t get traction early on, they can easily be crushed. With that in mind, it’s important to focus on upgrading and leveling units before going out and devouring the lesser factions. For every eight units defeated, a food reserve is created that can then be used to accelerate the growth of a city, growth that can then be directed towards industry to produce even plus units.

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You cannot progress in the game without concentrating at least one little in the tree of technology; Food is important, obviously, but the military and gold-generating technologies are also important, as you will have to pay for that army. Fortunately, in the second technological stage, the ghouls get the “Cannon Fodder” technology, which reduces the cost of the army. They also get the Proliferator unit at this stage, which is basically the key to winning the game. Proliferators have the opportunity to convert any dead opponents into new units called Battle Born, very It’s easy to have overwhelming force all of a sudden. Make sure these guys have plenty of protection, then go around chewing on errant armies before turning your attention to your opponents.

Once you get that boost, the ghouls turn into an unstoppable tidal wave, conquering opponents through large numbers (which is even necessary to complete their faction quest). There is something strangely satisfying about watching your army grow and overwhelm everything, leaving Auriga like a barren husk in your wake. Of course, players who oppose ghouls know that they must eliminate them early to avoid having to deal with the possibility of overwhelming numbers later. Still, it’s a fun way for those playing against the AI ​​to play and get the Necrophage-specific achievements and it’s the easiest way to get the Elimination and Supremacy victories. Ghouls lack subtlety and nuance, but they do one thing very, very well, and it’s fun when you do it with them.

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