Sam Wilson’s role in the MCU is about to get a lot bigger, but what do comic book fans know about the character that MCU fans don’t?

At the end of Avengers Endgame, Steve Rogers passed the shield to Sam Wilson, the Falcon. With the next phase of the MCU underway in the exciting first trailer for The falcon and the winter soldier, it is clear that it is not as clear as all that. However, comic book fans may have an idea of ​​where Sam Wilson is headed.

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Sam Wilson has been a friend and partner of Captain America, and even Captain America himself, in Marvel Comics. He’s also been a part of a host of stories that may or may not find their way into the new Disney + streaming series.

10 First African-American superhero

Captain America 117 Comic Cover Falcon

Black Panther was the first black superhero, but Sam Wilson has the distinction of being the first African-American superhero to appear in comics.

Falcon was created by writer and editor Stan Lee and artist Gene Colan in Captain America # 117 in September 1969. It would be another three years before DC Comics’ first African-American superhero, John Stewart, appeared (stories of John Stewart as Green Lantern could serve to inspire the next Green Lantern T.V. series).

9 Sam Wilson is not his real name

Falcon Snap Wilson comics origin story

MCU fans know the Falcon as Sam Wilson, and that’s his name in the comics. But it was not always like this.

He used the alias “Snap” early in his career as a crime fighter and superhero. But his real name is Clarence. Sam prefers not to use this name or even recognize it in some cases, as it reminds him of a very painful moment in his life: his childhood. Sam was orphaned as a child, lost both parents to violence, and his preferred name is a way of trying to move on.

8 Red wing

Red wing

There have been many great Disney animal companions over the years, but until now the Marvel Cinematic Universe has chosen not to portray one of the best in comics.

Redwing has been Sam Wilson’s hawk sidekick for years and is ultimately where Sam derives his superhero persona from. But the red hawk hasn’t appeared in the movies until now. He made an appearance of sorts, though in name only. Sam deployed a ‘redwing’ drone from his exclusive flight package in Captain America: Civil War.

7 Communicates with birds

Hawk Comics Bird

Another important aspect of the comics that movie fans probably don’t know about Sam is that his connection to birds extends far beyond Redwing. Professor X of the X-Men was the first to perceive an empathic bond between Sam and Redwing. This eventually spread to other birds.

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Later, Sam discovers that Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to mentally expand the empathic bond so that Sam could communicate with all the birds. You can also access bird memories, giving you insight into them that no one really has.

6 Partner with Captain America

Captain America Falcon Comics

Falcon first appeared in the Captain America comic, and would become a partner with Steve Rogers for decades to come. The two of them fought together against Red Skull, HYDRA, and more.

In many ways, the Captain America The solo comic was truly a duo for years, starting with Captain America # 133. Their friendship is one of the best elements in the comics and, of course, the movies. It has also led to a never-ending string of ‘On Your Left’ memes.

5 Left the avengers

Sam Wilson has been one of the most enjoyable Avengers in movies since Ultron age, but his tenure with the team in the comics was very brief.

In 1979, Falcon joined the team, but quickly discovered that he gained membership out of a need to fill a ‘quota’ on the part of Henry Gyrich, a political operative in the comics and character in 2000. X Men movie. Sam left the team in protest, upset that he was only included for appearances. He was part of later versions of the team.

4 Wakanda wings

Falcon in comics and movies

Sam’s original suit featured very basic wings made of lightweight titanium ribs and Mylar. His most recent wardrobe has been much more advanced. Black Panther is responsible for his most advanced flight suit, creating the entire suit’s vibranium mesh and the advanced jetpack himself.

The suit also features an emitter array on Falcon’s back that creates “hard light” holographic wings with a maximum wingspan of up to fifty feet. The MCU version of the suit allowed for some of the best action sequences in The Winter Soldier.

3 Red Skull’s Sleeper Agent

Red Skull in Marvel Comics

Sam’s initial career as a superhero was nearly derailed by one of Captain America’s deadliest villains, Red Skull. Red Skull was the mastermind behind the original story that brought Sam and Captain America together on the Caribbean island that Skull’s cohorts had infiltrated. Later, Red Skull took revenge.

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Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to influence Sam and attempted to force him to kill Captain America. Sam didn’t realize he was a Red Skull sleeper agent until much later. The experience altered him forever, leaving him with his greatest empathic connection with birds.

two Became Captain America

Falcon Winter Soldier Captain America

Sam is assuming the mantle of Captain America in the MCU, but he has actually held the title multiple times in the comics.

The first time was when Steve Rogers temporarily resigned from Captain America # 181-183 in 1975, but became Captain America much more permanently only in recent times. After Steve Rogers loses the Super Soldier Serum and ages to an old man, Sam takes on the role and maintains it for several years.

1 Romance with Jane Foster Thor

Falcon Jane Foster Thor Kiss

During this period, Sam had one of his most interesting romances. He shared a romantic connection with the totally new and different Marvel comic era Thor, who happened to be Jane Foster.

The moment the two shared turned into an awkward, if comical, aspect of their lives while they were both members of the Avengers. That could be potentially interesting, as Jane Foster will inherit Thor’s mantle in the next Thor: love and thunder. Sam could be one of the many MCU characters featured.

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