Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About The American Agent

Disney + The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is going to tell the story of a post-Steve Rogers world in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Judging by the exciting first trailer for the series, the American agent will play a key role. This dark reflection of Captain America has been a huge part of Marvel comics since the ’80s.

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For a time, the American agent was Captain America in the comics. It’s possible that the series was about John Walker taking on the role, despite Steve Rogers leaving the shield to Sam Wilson. Walker’s comic history could contain clues as to what may happen.

10 The super patriot

John Walker has been a thorn in the side of Captain America from the beginning. He started out as a villain, the Super-Patriot, debuting in Captain America # 323 in November 1986. It was co-created by writer Mark Gruenwald and artist Paul Neary.

Walker was envisioned as an obscure investment by Captain America, someone who was a patriot but embraced a more rigid form of nationalism than Steve Rogers. Although well intentioned, Walker was far more violent and ruthless than Captain America.

9 The new Captain America

Captain America American Agent Battlestar Marvel Comics

In a few issues of his first appearance, John Walker jumped into the actual role of Captain America. Steve Rogers resigned from office after facing much corruption in the government. Walker is selected to take over, although he is initially reticent.

The movement was very similar to Knights fall story from the 1990s, in which Bruce Wayne resigns as Batman (albeit unintentionally in his case, thanks to the early version of Bane) and is replaced by a more radical, younger man.

8 Grim n ‘gritty

Batman, Superman and Green Lantern would be replaced by new versions in the 90s, but Marvel pioneered this in the 80s. Numerous characters went ‘dark’, including Spider-Man in his famous black suit that eventually spawned the antihero Venom ( and the regular Sam Raimi Spider man 3), Daredevil and Iron Man.

The so-called ‘grim and raw’ era of the comics is exemplified by violence and the ‘darker’ characters were born from the success of Watchmen Y The Dark Knight Returns.

7 Become the US agent

The effort to drive sales on the title definitely worked, and so did the effort on the part of the creative team to remind people of what Captain America stood for by creating such a stark contrast. Steve Rogers came back and Walker was out. He would become the American agent.

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John Walker decided to continue fighting crime, as his own man. He designed a black version of Captain America’s traditional costume and assumed the title of Agent of the USA Although he was fighting for the good, he would continue to clash with Rogers.

6 Powers

Captain America vs American Agent Panel 350

Some comic book fans might think that the MCU has wasted some of its villains and waited too long to introduce Agent American. But it could show up at the right time. Without Steve Rogers’ superhuman strength, Walker’s own superhuman power and durability are sure to cause serious trouble for Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Walker developed his powers as a result of mutagenic experiments, and combined with his expert martial skills, he is a serious opponent for anyone.

5 The Buckies

Buckies Marvel Comics

One of the strangest aspects of US Agent comic history is The Buckies. Walker is initially an enemy of the nationalist villains Left and Right, or so it seems. In fact, he has hired them to stage fights to show his power.

After becoming Captain America, they become ‘The Buckies’, taking their name in honor of Steve Rogers’ original partner, Bucky Barnes. It’s unclear if they’ll be in the series yet, but if so, they would definitely be contenders for the MCU’s best mates.

4 Tragedy

John Walker went looking for a lot of trouble and they often came looking for him too. His parents are killed by the violent extremist group The Watchdogs and he misses his funeral due to his responsibility as Captain America. This and other events lead to mental and emotional exhaustion.

Eventually he goes to the limit, but Steve Rogers comes to his aid. Rogers returns to the role of Captain America, but Walker suffers again, his murder was faked in public to cover up his hiding place.

3 West coast avengers

The West Coast Avengers are the first Avengers spinoff team and one of the strongest Avengers teams in history. The American agent, now working undercover for the same commission that put him in the role of Captain America, is assigned as a spy more or less for the West Coast team and The Vision in particular.

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The American agent took on almost everyone on the team and got into such a big fight with team leader Hawkeye that they both ended up getting kicked out of the team.

two The scourge of the underworld

Marvel villain plague of the underworld

A large part of the American agent’s early adventures culminated in the investigation of The Scourge Of The Underworld. This disguised vigilante killed criminal superhumans, and John Walker tried to stop him.

Eventually he discovered that the Scourge was not one individual, but several different people operating in the role. Walker later discovers that his older brother is one of the people involved in the scheme. The Scourge could be a good potential story for the MCU given the characters it’s developing.

1 Force works

Marvel Force Works Comics Team

The US Agent remained connected to the larger Avengers family, even as it evolved dramatically in the 1990s. The West Coast Avengers split up in the early 1990s, but later reformed as Force Works. This team was apparently more focused on natural disasters than fighting supervillains.

Walker didn’t want to join in at first given his experience with the old team, but Scarlet Witch convinced him to join in, which could have an interesting impact on the future of the MCU.

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