Falcon and the Winter Soldier: 9 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Baron Zemo

With Baron Zemo set to appear in Falcon and The Winter Soldier, his comic book arc might be worth recapping. It could be important in the future.

Baron Zemo was one of the best things about Captain America: Civil War. Now it looks like the villain is returning to the MCU, based on the exciting first trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Zemo’s role in the new series is unclear, but based on his long history at Marvel Comics, he’s certainly up to no good.

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Zemo played an important role in the outcome of Civil war, but his actual presence in the movie was quite small. Now, he has a chance to become the comic book villain he has been for decades and a greater threat than ever.

9 Not the first Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo in Marvel Comics

Some fans might have thought that the MCU wasted one of Captain America’s best villains, as he had a long history in the comics. That story is very complicated. Helmut Zemo isn’t even the first Baron Zemo in the comics. In fact, it is the thirteenth.

He comes from a long line of German aristocrats, who embody some of the worst aspects of classism and racism. Helmut’s father, Henrich, was killed by Captain America in World War II and vowed revenge against Steve Rogers.

8 The Fenix

Baron Zemo Phoenix

Baron Zemo first appeared in Captain America # 168 in December 1973. It was created by writer Roy Thomas and artists Tony Isabella and Sal Buscema. It seemed very different from the iconic look that most comic book fans are familiar with today.

In his first incarnation, he was The Phoenix. He wore a red and yellow suit, with accents of flames, which had nothing to do with his predecessors but which would eventually become familiar to fans of the X-Men. Jean Gray would become the Phoenix a few years later in the comics, and would inspire the Dark fenix saga (and ultimately a divisive movie).

7 Adhesive X

One of the quirks in Zemo’s background is a strange substance called Adhesive X. His father Henrich, created by comic book legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. the Avengers # 4 in March 1964, he developed this special adhesive that could not be dissolved by any process known to man.

In Helmut’s attempt to destroy Captain America, he accidentally falls into a hot tub at the compound. He is not wearing his purple mask at the moment, leaving him severely scarred and burned.

6 Masters of evil

The Masters of Evil in Marvel cartoons

Baron Zemo eventually forms a team of supervillains called Masters of Evil. These Avengers rivals could certainly appear in the MCU, and the Masters of Evil could be made up of many different characters. In the comics, there were numerous iterations of the team.

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Henrich’s team first appeared with him. Helmut Zemo’s first team included more than a dozen villains, including the Absorbing Man, Blackout, Black Mamba, The Fixer, Goliath, Gray Gargoyle, Mister Hyde, and many, many, more.

5 Moon stones

Moonstone Psychic Attack

Zemo originally didn’t have superpowers of his own, but would eventually obtain them through one of his cohorts, Moonstone. Moonstone’s powers are derived from a Kree gravity stone that was attached to his nervous system.

Zemo eventually got hold of the stone and gained a cosmic variety of superhuman powers, such as energy / gravity / light manipulation, strength, durability, and flight.

4 Avengers mansion destroyed

Avenger's mansion

There are many impressive buildings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For comic book fans, it’s a bit strange that the Avengers Mansion is not among them. One of the reasons is that Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil destroyed the mansion in Avengers: Under Siege from the late 80s, from the writer Roger Stern and the artist John Buscema.

The Masters of Evil led an all-out assault on the mansion, laying waste to it and leading the Avengers to finally move to a new tower after another mansion was also destroyed.

3 Ray

Baron Zemo and the original Marvel Comics Thunderbolts

There were many shocking moments in Marvel Comics in 2020, but none coincided with the shocking twist at the end of Ray # 1 in 1997. This new team of superheroes, created by writer Kurt Busiek and artist Mark Bagley, was revealed at the end of issue one as the Masters of Evil in disguise, in one of the best twists in modern comics.

The villains, led by Zemo in the guise of Citizen V, took advantage of the disappearance of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four in an alternate universe. In fact, there is some evidence that Thunderbolts could appear in the MCU in Phase 4.

two Scourge of the underworld

Marvel villain plague of the underworld

Baron Zemo appeared to die many times in the comics, including falling into a volcano at one point after attempting to reanimate his father’s corpse. When the truth about the Thunderbolts was discovered, Helmut went into hiding.

He was killed by The Scourge of the Underworld, a vigilante who attacked super criminals. Zemo survived by transferring his mind to the comatose body of John Watkins III, the true Citizen V, and Zemo continued to pose as the hero for some time.

1 HYDRA Leader

Baron Zemo eventually regained his original body and continued his campaign of evil in the Marvel Universe. In more recent years, he found himself the head of HYDRA, something that is possible in the MCU. It would be ironic for Zemo to take over the organization that cost him so much in the movies.

In the comics, he faced Captain America Sam Wilson. Zemo attempted to infect the entire world with a deadly virus and provide a cure for only a very small number of selected people.

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