Fantastic Four: 10 Strange Things About Reed Richards and Susan Storm’s Relationship

Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic) and Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) from The Fantastic Four are the longest-lasting couple, and have one of the most tumultuous relationships, in Marvel Comics history. Reed and Sue have been through good times, bad times and everything in between.

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They met when Reed Richards was a guest at Sue’s aunt’s house. Their magnetic attraction for each other brought them together and has kept them together through all the trials they have faced. Be it the slings and arrows of life or the decoy of another man, nothing seems to be able to destroy them.

10 Reed & Sue’s marked difference in values ​​has been something they have had to overcome

When Sue expressed how she felt about Reed spending all of his time in her lab (instead of with her), she would fire her. Reed and Sue’s values ​​have often been completely opposite and it’s hard not to wonder why they sometimes hold their own.

A good example of this is seen in their difference of opinion (regarding the Superhuman record Act – what Sue was up against and Reed was in favor and helped put it together). Sue was initially on the same page as Reed, but after careful consideration, she took a different direction due to the restrictions and the negative impact it had on others like her. Their arguments get quite heated (in Fantastic Four # 538 ) and go their own way a little bit to vent.

9 Sue gets up with Reed overriding her (a lot)

Reed overrules Sue a lot (as seen in Fantastic Four # 5 and previous issues

In Fantastic Four # 5 (Dan Slott. Michael Allred, Aaron Kuder, and Adam Hughes), Sue learns that Reed has made another decision without consulting her; this time he has upgraded his new headquarters and she finds out when he gets home. She gets understandably angry. And, more significantly, in Fantastic Four # 141 Sue leaves Reed after he decides (at a crucial moment) to turn off his son Franklin’s mind.

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Reed made this decision to save the solar system from his son’s powers, but Susan was very upset. Eventually, Reed re-ignites his son’s brain and they can repair their relationship, but it was rough waters for a significant amount of time. The fact that they didn’t have a disaster plan scenario (considering who they are) on what to do if something like this happened speaks volumes.

8 Sue continues to warm up with Namor

Reed has endured Sue's suspicious relationship with Namor

Namor the Sub-Mariner has a strong attraction to Sue that is powerful. When Namor steps in to take his chance, Sue and Reed have been dating for a good amount of time, but Sue was playing the supporting role of Reed, his lab coat, and her life’s work. For a long time, the relationship was Sue asking Reed for attention and being ignored.

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But when Namor came on the scene, he loved Sue from the start. They have chemistry and have kissed over the years, but Sue decided to stay with Reed and not continue the relationship. And yet, she still asks Namor for help from time to time knowing that she and Namor have something to do and that he used to be Reed’s close friend and advisor. The nature of Reed and Sue’s relationship makes one wonder if Reed would be faithful if given the opportunity to deviate.

7 Reed talks to her to sue as if she were his daughter

Reed categorically disrespects his wife in the way she talks in the comics

Reed (a product of his environment and time) is known to speak to his wife as if she were his daughter. She will routinely tell you to “stop sounding like a wife”, to “stop talking so much” and “this is not the time to get feminine and romantic.” What’s stranger than Reed’s complete disregard for his wife’s feelings is how Sue takes it for granted.

Who knows how many times Reed has apologized for the behaviors he continues to engage in. There is a serious lack of boundaries and mutual respect in their relationship, and yet it persists despite all the problems that seek to aggravate it.

6 Reed keeps big secrets from Sue

Reed and his powerful great secrets

Relationships are supposed to be built on trust and mutual support. But in Reed’s case, it seems their relationship is just a figurehead because he has no trouble keeping big secrets from his wife. He hides so many important things from you that it’s hard to know where to start.

Not only did he maintain the existence of the secret society (the Illuminati) involving Professor X and other Marvel heroes of his wife and team (the Fantastic Four, whom he is supposed to trust) but he also maintains problems related to his health. (in Fantastic Four # 2 – Voyager) also a secret.

5 Reed can’t treat Sue as an equal

That Reed can't seem to treat Sue as an equal in Fantastic Four # 130

There have been many instances where Reed does not treat Sue as his equal, but comes to a head in Fantastic Four # 130 (Roy Thomas, John Buscema, Joe Sinnott, Petra Goldberg, Artie Simek and Roy Thomas) when Reed kicked Sue out of the Fantastic Four for over a year. Reed is tremendously protective and controlling over his son, interrupting the Fantastic Four fights to check that Sue is adequately protecting her son.

It gets to the point where Sue gets tired of being talked to as if she is not an equal couple in their relationship or in the Fantastic Four, and threatens to leave the group. He encourages her to quit smoking, saying that maybe that way her son gets some attention, and she leaves the group as a result of Reed’s antagonistic ways.

4 Reed can’t celebrate Sue’s strengths

During Infinity War, when it appeared that Reed had died after fighting Dr. Doom, Ant-Man took his place in the Fantastic Four and Sue became the team leader, main scientist, and did an incredibly good job. in this. critical leadership position. When they found Reed, and saw what a good leader Sue is, he was paralyzed by Sue’s firm hand of leadership. Not only did it make him feel uncomfortable, but it also made him doubt himself.

It must have been a nice change for the team, going from a scientist who always had his head stuck on his latest idea, to having a leader who really focuses on the interests of the team. She constantly encourages him and he seems incapable of being a generous partner.

3 Reed has a habit of ignoring his wife

The Fantastic Four: Antithesis # 1

There have been several instances where Reed is consumed with his work, to the point where he ignores and neglects his wife and son and leaves Sue with no choice but to remind him of what he is forgetting. In Fantastic Four: Antithesis # 1 (Mark Waid and Neal Adams), Sue goes naked to Reed’s office to get his attention and remind him of their scheduled date night.

Under normal circumstances, having to be in a second place from work and the ambitions of your spouse or partner would not be put up indefinitely, but it seems that with these two (as many have said) your marriage is a character from the comics, and it’s impossible keep them apart forever.

two Reed & Sue break up and get back together too many times

Fantastic Four fans are well aware of the ups and downs in Reed and Sue’s relationship. They broke up and got back together so many times, and people tend to explain it by saying that the relationship is a character, but actions speak louder than words.

It is not healthy. It would be nice if they broke up and reconciled maybe a few times, but they do it so often that you wonder if they know what they are doing. The relationship is definitely all over the place and it would be ideal for them and their children to resolve it.

1 Sue has let Reed get away with it

Sue Storm Richards and Reed Richards have a strange relationship

The strangest thing about their relationship is how much Sue allows Reed to get his way, playing the role of the obedient and loyal wife all too well. After everything Reed has done, it seems that she or she is genuinely unaware or chooses to look away.

Either way, it’s not good. Sue doesn’t seem to have enough self-esteem, but perhaps more than likely he has conditioned her to the point that she doesn’t want to have it any other way.

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