Fiancé in 90 days: Deavan surprises fans with unrecognizable reveal of hair bleaching

90 Day Boyfriend: The Other Way star Deavan Clegg is often unrecognizable due to editing. This time its altered appearance is due to bleach.

Those who follow 90 day fiancé: the other way Star Deavan Clegg isn’t surprised by his moody appearance. The mother of two has been called upon many times for her extensive photo editing, but this time she seems unrecognizable due to dyeing her signature dark hair.

Deavan first appeared in the 90 day fiancé spinoff show alongside her now ex-husband Jihoon Lee. The couple are currently involved in an online custody battle, as Jihoon alleged that Deavan is hiding his son Taeyang from him. The mother has faced backlash on numerous occasions, including the fact that her boyfriend Topher Park has referred to Taeyang as her son on social media. Deavan frequently receives criticism for his extensive photo editing that radically alters his appearance, as well as for his poor parenting decisions and abundance of lies. The reality star recently announced a breakout on social media following allegations that she faked a miscarriage for a story when she allegedly actually had an abortion. However, the hiatus only lasted less than a day and Deavan was subsequently charged with using her daughter’s alleged abuse as click bait. With her brief hiatus from social media clearly over, Deavan has been sharing pictures of herself on her Instagram account.

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The 24-year-old took to her Instagram just before Valentine’s Day to reveal that her dark locks were now blonde. “I need a change. #newyearnewme #blondehair #blacktoblonde lol my hair is fried time for masks”He captioned the post. “I did this at home. I do not recommend it. But if you want to know how I did it, I will post a video.Deavan’s face also looked noticeably different than it does in the videos, and the reality star also wore a lot of lip liner to enhance her already puffy pout. Deavan, who is considered a polarizing figure in the franchise, caused his fans to split between praise and criticism. Some commenters were quick to praise the drastic hair transformation and congratulate Deavan on his new look. However, she said she would not recommend her method as she thoroughly fry her hair with three bleaches to achieve the dramatic transformation. You can see Deavan’s post below:

While Deavan’s hair received a lot of praise, many commenters were more concerned with his lips. Deavan has been outspoken about her lip injections, but many of her followers feel like she is overdoing it with size. “Oh honey …. I love hair !! But those lips“wrote one commenter.”I used to like your lips with just a little padding, they weren’t too big. I know my opinion means nothing but still“added another user. Many fans politely urged the mother to reconsider the number of injections she received. Dozens of comments indicated that Deavan looked better earlier.

Fortunately for the polarizing personality, her DIY makeover has been generally well received, though fans urge her to tone down her extreme shots. Fans will need to stay tuned to see how Deavan’s recent drama unfolds, as his personal life has been in the headlines lately.

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Source: Deavan Clegg / Instagram

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