Everyone loves their birthday, and whoever says they are not lying. Who is going to complain about the cake, the gifts and the celebrations with friends and family? In Gilmore Girls, birthdays are a great opportunity to throw a fun party and invite the whole city or try to make the biggest pizza in the world.

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Season 1 had a mix of funny and dramatic scenes, and one of the most popular episodes is “Rory’s Birthday Parties.” When the Stars Hollow teenager turned 16, her mother did her best with a big party, but unfortunately, her grandmother threw a stiff formal party for her as well. There are many moments that fans will always remember fondly.

10 Emily made pudding for Friday night dinner

Gilmore Girls Friday Night Dinner - Lorelai with martini sitting with Rory / Emily at table with tea

Every time Lorelai and Rory went to dinner on Friday night at Emily and Richard’s posh home, fans braced themselves for some funny scenes … or some heartbreaking ones.

When Lorelai realized that Emily had served pudding for dessert, she told her mom, “You don’t like pudding.” Emily said, “Yeah, but you like pudding,” and Lorelai joked, “Oh, I love pudding. I adore it.” This would come up later in the episode as proof that Emily was trying to mend her connection to her daughter. It was a funny scene and he prepared the episode well.

9 Jackson created his own fruit

Before they started dating seriously, Jackson was Sookie’s produce boy and they always had friendly jokes about the state of the fruit he had to offer.

In this episode, Jackson cross-pollinated and made his own fruit from a raspberry and a kumquat. This was a fun scene and Sookie was super impressed. Lorelai had a joke ready, asking Jackson if he had created a machine from The fly, and when Michel entered the kitchen, Jackson had his own response: “You! You can make fun of me all you want today, because today I am a god. Today, Mother Nature has prostrated herself before me.” It wasn’t often that viewers heard a lot from Jackson, as he was quite calm and relaxed, so this was a scene where he came to shine.

8 Emily and Lorelai went to buy Rory’s birthday present

Emily and lorelai shopping - gilmore girls

Emily asked Lorelai to go buy Rory’s gift and this was one of the best scenes in this episode of season 1.

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Lorelai suggested a bag that looked like a guitar, and Emily was surprised that she suggested such a crazy gift. They settled on some pretty jewelry and Lorelai said she could tell Emily was trying to spend more time together. It was a sweet moment, and while the two never dated on a regular basis, it was definitely a start, and fans were looking forward to seeing more scenes like this.

7 Lorelai woke Rory up at the exact moment she was born

gilmore girls rory's birthday parties season one episode rory lorelai

Gilmore Girls Fans loved the moment Lorelai crawled into Rory’s bed at the exact moment she was born. I wanted to be there to wish her a happy birthday and it was hard to imagine anything more adorable.

The two chatted a bit, as Lorelai said, “I can’t believe how fast you’re growing” and Rory said it was slow. Lorelai asked, “What do you think of your life so far?” and Rory said, “I think it’s pretty good.” When Lorelai started with the birth story, Rory had heard it a million times before and fell asleep again. This was a great example of how Lorelai loved the sound of her own voice and couldn’t help but be wordy at times.

6 Rory yelled at Emily for throwing a party with her Chilton classmates

Rory's 16th Birthday at Gilmore Girls

Rory started going to Chilton at the beginning of season 1 and it was a long drive from Stars Hollow. It seemed like it was worth it because she wanted to get a good education and get accepted to Harvard.

Emily insisted on giving Rory a big birthday party and invited Rory’s classmates without asking or even telling her first. This was definitely the wrong thing to do, and Rory yelled at her grandmother, which embarrassed her. Fans understood where Rory was coming from, and this was a dramatic moment from this episode that no one could forget. Rory and Lorelai lay on the bed in Lorelai’s childhood bedroom and talked about how Lorelai had always sneaked into that room when she lived at home.

5 Lorelai yelled, “Get your ass here!” And then her parents came in

gilmore girls rory's birthday parties season one episode rory lorelai richard emily

Rory invited her grandparents to the gathering Lorelai was organizing for her, and it meant a lot to her when they attended. When the bell rang, Lorelai yelled that it was a party and that people should come in.

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Lorelai offended her parents by using the word “a **” and was immediately embarrassed. This was a very revealing moment, as it underscored the tension between these characters and the fact that Lorelai was much more laid-back and casual than her sophisticated mom and dad.

4 Emily thought Lorelai was dating Luke

Lorelai may have loved Christopher, but Luke was always her person, and their romance is something that many fans feel very strongly about.

Emily assumed that the two residents of Stars Hollow loved each other even before they did, and in this episode, she asked Lorelai about the length of their relationship. Lorelai was shocked and said they weren’t dating, and Emily said it was obvious that Luke loved her. Lorelai pretended not to be affected by this, but Emily realized that she was happy to hear that.

3 Emily realized that she had missed so much

Looking around Lorelai’s room, Emily saw a photo of Lorelai in a cast and realized that Lorelai had broken her leg a few years ago.

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This was a classic moment at “Rory’s Birthday Parties” Gilmore Girls episode because Emily began to assimilate that she did not know her daughter very well. She didn’t want to be so out of the loop, but she was paralyzed when it came to changing their relationship for the better.

two Richard took a magazine quiz for teens

Richard Gilmore Girls

Rory loved spending time with his grandfather and in a particularly charming moment in this episode, Rory found Richard completing a questionnaire for a teen magazine. Richard said it was an “Autumn”.

This spoke of the positive relationship Rory and Richard would later have, as Richard was always willing to listen to his granddaughter and try to get more involved in her world. No one would have expected me to do a magazine quiz so this was a lot of fun.

1 Dean gave Rory a bracelet that he made for her

gilmore girls rory dean

Dean gave Rory his 16th birthday present and he loved to wear the bracelet all the time. This was the moment when she realized that he really cared for her and that she could trust him with her heart.

Fans will always remember this swoon-worthy scene, as it happened at the end of the episode, and it established this love story that would last for most of the show’s first season. Of course, the couple had a difficult road ahead of them, but right now, they were blissfully happy.

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