Golden Girls: 5 Dorothy and Sophia moments that touched our hearts (& 5 that tickled our bones)

the golden girls was a comedy hit not only because of the hilarious idiosyncrasies of its main characters, but also because of the way those personalities interacted with each other. Their relationships were based on enjoying each other’s similarities and overcoming their differences, for consistently funny and often poignant results.

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Although Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose were all close friends, there was a unique relationship between Dorothy and Sophia. The two had a strong bond as mother and daughter, but became more friends as the series progressed. Their friendship was both funny and moving.

10 Touched our hearts: the bowling bet

Dorothy always respected Sophia as a person, treating her as a vibrant and capable woman … most of the time. Dorothy was at times preoccupied with her mother’s health and activities to the point of unduly restricting her, as no doubt many children of elderly parents can identify.

For health reasons, Dorothy once forbade her mother from traveling to Sicily with an old boyfriend until Sophia convinced her to gamble in a bowling tournament for the right to make the trip. Seeing her mother really happy, Dorothy lost the tournament on purpose, allowing her mother to leave. Sophia realized this and, when she returned, she gave Dorothy the earrings she had put on the bet in a moving mother-daughter moment.

9 Tickled Our Funny Bones: General Joke

High five on the kitchen table

There is no doubt that Dorothy and Sophia really loved each other, although it would be difficult to tell from the way they constantly argued. Sophia constantly teased Dorothy for her appearance and choice of men, and Dorothy constantly threatened Sophia with a trip to Shady Pines if she got out of line. Clearly, the two of them enjoyed a lively and fun exchange that can only come from two people who truly love each other.

These exchanges were one of the funniest aspects of the show, as evidenced when Sophia used the Girls’ $ 3,000 investment to buy a boxer, and commented: “In a week you’ll be kissing the ground I walk on, ”To which Dorothy replied,“Yes, and you will look at it from the other side!

8 Touched our hearts: reaffirmed their bond

Close talking smiles

Dorothy’s sometimes obsessive concern for Sophia’s well-being was understandable but sometimes counterproductive. For example, when Sophia felt lonely and depressed after the death of one of her friends, Dorothy allowed her to “turn the third wheel” on her dates with a promising suitor, causing a significant setback in the relationship.

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On another occasion, Dorothy’s concern about spending “quality time” with her mother almost ruined a trip to Disney World. Despite Dorothy’s sometimes bossy nature, she and Sophia managed to get through the occasional tough time and reaffirm their love in a moving way.

7 Tickled Our Funny Bones: Sharing A Bed

Girls have often accommodated friends and family in the home, forcing sleeping arrangements to change quite frequently. Usually Dorothy and Sophia end up sharing a bed, which is always fun to watch.

Comically curmudgeonly fights are almost always marked in these cases, with Dorothy upset that her mother applies various night creams to her body so that she can “comb her hair until she lives to be 100”, and Sophia complains of her cold feet. Dorothy and her body. being a “heat sponge”.

6 Touched Our Hearts: Prom Night

Cuddles on the couch after the dance, corsage

Dorothy has never been so lucky with the opposite sex, as her roommates and her mother constantly remind her. This slump dates back to high school, where the high school “bad boy” planted her at prom, John Neretti.

When they met years later, Dorothy found out that John had shown up to take her to prom, but Sophia turned him down due to his looks and attitude. Dorothy was furious with her mother, but then realized that what Sophia did was out of love and concern for her daughter’s well-being. After Dorothy and John returned from escorting to a prom, Dorothy and Sophia shared a tender moment on the couch as she recounted the evening’s events to their mother.

5 Tickle our funny bones: Sonny & Cher

Sonny and darling

You may have regretted your time at Shady Pines Retirement Home, but Sophia often spent a great deal of time there after she left. Whether volunteering or visiting friends, Shady Pines was never without Sophia Petrillo for long.

In one instance, Sophia’s obsession with showing up at the house with one of her acquaintances led her and Dorothy to participate in the Shady Pines Mother / Daughter Talent Show. As an act, they hilariously decided to offer a rendition of “I Got You Babe”, dressed as Cher and Sonny Bono.

4 It touched our hearts: the debacle of changes at birth

hospital room test

Like many other mothers and daughters, Dorothy and Sophia share many similar traits, namely their perseverance, their no-nonsense demeanor, and their scathingly caustic wit. Normally, people would attribute that to genetics, but in a golden girls episode, it was revealed that Dorothy may not be Sophia’s biological daughter.

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When Sophia’s old friends Dominic and Philomena Bosco visit her, they reveal the possibility that Dorothy and her daughter have been switched at birth. Distraught, Dorothy insists that she and Sophia have a blood test, which Sophia quickly breaks. As she tells through a touching story, you don’t need a role to tell who her daughter is, as she has raised and loved Dorothy her entire life.

3 Tickled Our Funny Bones: Murder Mystery Weekend

Murder Myster Weekend, knife throat cut demo

For the most part, Dorothy endures her mother’s jokes with a bit of good humor or fires her own sarcastic comments in retaliation. Sometimes, however, you need to make a grand gesture to let your mother know that you are serious. Dorothy has done this many times, from breaking a man’s phone number her mother got at a bus stop to intentionally yelling “Shady Pines, ma! “Whenever I would like Sophia’s immediate cooperation.

One of the funniest examples of this was during a murder and mystery weekend. As Dorothy explained the murder, she quickly picked up a knife to demonstrate how to slaughter someone using Sophia as a stand-in; a hilariously unspoken warning for her mother to stop booing her.

two Touched Our Hearts: “Deathbed” Confession

Sofia on the couch heart attack

Considering Sophia’s age, the realization that there would come a day when she would be without her mother was something Dorothy understood intellectually, but had a hard time understanding emotionally. At the beginning of the first season, he had to deal with the possibility when Sophia began to suffer from the symptoms of a heart attack.

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Although it was eventually revealed to be a gallstone attack brought on by overeating, Sophia managed to tell Dorothy all the things a mother wants to say to her child before she dies. He expressed his love and appreciation for his daughter and told her what the audience always suspected: that Dorothy was his favorite daughter.

1 Tickled Our Funny Bones: Left Dorothy Sitting in Jail

Sophia gets out of jail

Getting her daughter out of jail is not an enviable task for any mother, especially one with Sophia’s penchant for snide remarks and scathing remarks. Unfortunately, that’s what he had to do when the Girls they were arrested for prostitution after unknowingly reserving rooms in an “obscene house”.

Sophia was more than willing to rescue Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche as long as one of them gave up her tickets to meet Burt Reynolds. When they refused, Sophia snatched them away and denied knowing the trio. When Dorothy protested and asked: “Ma, would you do this to your own flesh and blood?“Sophia hilariously responded to Dorothy in her own words:”You will get over it. And if you don’t, who cares? I’m going to see Burt Reynolds!

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