Guardians of the Galaxy writer Al Ewing spoke to CBR about how the Guardians will deal with the fallout from the War of Annihilation in upcoming issues.

The Guardians of the Galaxy will greatly expand their roster in April, but first, they’ll take on the newly resurrected Olympian gods and revisit one of their best battlegrounds.

Writer Al Ewing confirmed that the Guardians will revisit one of the War of Annihilation battle sites. “At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy # 10, Star-Lord spoke about the need to go somewhere without life to face the Olympians and, in the darkest days of the War of Annihilation, Star-Lord, Nova, and Gamora were forced to evacuate a planet and run away from Annihilus. “Everyone who didn’t make it out died,” Ewing told CBR. “That planet is now a graveyard and a suitable place for one last battle.”

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He continued: “It is also a good place to take a breather and consider some of the emotional fallout from the past year. And thematically, if we are touching on the original origin of Star-Lord, it is okay to stop where we and the rest of the world are. cast we were born again, so to speak. “

In Guardians of the Galaxy # 10, Star-Lord, using his new powers as Master of the Sun, returned to help the Guardians defeat one of the dragons of the symbiote god Knull. He then told the other Guardians that the Olympians were returning and that they were furious at Star-Lord for killing them.

Guardians of the Galaxy # 11 goes on sale Wednesday, February 17 from Marvel.

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