In DC Comics “Love is a Battlefield”, a short story starring Harley Quinn and elderly Poison Ivy proves that their love will last forever.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for DC Comics Love is a battlefield.

The romance between DC Harley quinn Y Poison Ivy has launched one of the most iconic comic book relationships in recent memory, so much so that the couple officially tied the knot last year in Injustice: Year Zero. And while fans have enjoyed the beginnings of their relationship over the course of the past few years, a new Valentine’s Day special, DC: love is a battlefield, it will show readers its end and how the couple’s love will live on forever.

Love is a battlefield is essentially a collection of vignettes focusing on the various romances throughout the DC universe, and Harley and Ivy’s entry, “The Beginning,” by writer Tim Seeley and artist Rebekah Isaacs, is as enlightening as it is moving. Presented in a series of flashbacks, the pair playfully discuss the most crucial points of their relationship in a series of narrative boxes. However, the twist comes in the final pages of the story, which reveal an aging Harley and Ivy, the first in a hospital bed and the second staring at her. All these memories had been just the couple looking back on their decades of adventures and misadventures, during which they were always side by side.

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Harley can barely speak despite her coughing fits when Ivy reveals something she had been working on; a modified Lazarus Seed (derived from a Lazarus Well) that will allow anyone who eats it to be reborn as a plant after death. “The thing is“Explains Ivy,”plant cells cannot retain memory like animal cells do. All this? Everything we share? Everything will be gone. We will be new forms of life … with new lives.“Harley swallows the seed without hesitation, saying:”You know what? It’s okay. I have a lot of things that I would like to do differently this time.“Seemingly puzzled, Ivy asks her lover what she regrets.”I wanna find you sooner ivy“Harley says as the sick couple hold hands. Ivy takes her own seed and plants a kiss on Harley’s forehead.

The injustice of the wedding of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

It’s unclear how much time is supposed to have passed between the current DC continuity and the time this short story is set, but it’s clear that the pair (unsurprisingly) had been through all sorts of shenanigans and confusion to. over the years. From Harley turning to Poison Ivy for comfort after her split with Joker, to the duo inadvertently preventing another Crisis event, to seemingly becoming official members of the Bat Family, it’s clear that Ivy and Harley have been through. incalculable ups and downs. But no matter how low those lows were, their love never waned.

The title of the story, “The Beginning,” is appropriate, as it can be viewed through both a literal and figurative lens. The flashbacks showed the real beginnings together, but the final pages, and the introduction of this new and improved Seed of Lazarus, mark a new kind of beginning for Harley quinn Y Poison Ivy, one that will see the couple together forever, even after death. It’s the closest thing to a “happily ever after” that anyone can have in Gotham.

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