Harry Potter: 5 Things Harry Was Right About (& 5 Times He Was Wrong)

As the protagonist of the Harry Potter series, the titular hero was responsible for much of the events in the story, which came down to the decisions he made and the opinions he held. As a teenager, Harry let his emotions take over at numerous points, eventually turning out to be wrong about when the impact of certain decisions played out.

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That doesn’t mean Harry was always wrong or unaware, and the protagonist was actually right about most of the crucial things that mattered. In the end, the right decisions shaped his future and his relationships, but the moments when he made a mistake remain in his memory for the consequences that they entailed.

10 Right: love is a legitimate power

Harry Potter and Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry was as right in this as Voldemort was wrong in considering that love is for the weak. Love was not only a personal driver, but it also turned out to be a legitimate magical power, as Harry used it to protect people at the Battle of Hogwarts.

Voldemort could do nothing at this time to harm anyone, as Harry’s protection ran through everyone in the Great Hall. Even then, Voldemort thought Harry was wrong, but the latter proved otherwise by ensuring that everyone present remained alive thanks to the power of his love.

9 Wrong: that Snape hated him for his mother

Harry was right to think that Snape hated him; he was also right in thinking that this was due to Snape’s hatred of his father. However, he was completely wrong when he assumed that Snape hated Lily as well, which he thought due to Snape calling her Mudblood in his memory.

At the end of Half-Blood PrinceHarry told the others that Snape “didn’t think his mother was worth a damn”, further fueling his anger. It turned out that Snape heroically gave his life for Lily, the woman he not only did not hate, but was completely in love with and had been since he first saw her in his youth.

8 Right: had to accept the connection to Voldemort

After Voldemort took advantage of the mental connection he and Harry shared, he regretted when the power of love prevented him from possessing the Boy Who Lived. However, everyone kept telling Harry to deny the visions he had in Voldemort’s mind in Deathly Hallows as they feared he might take advantage of Harry again.

Harry initially tried to resist, but came to regard these visions as a point in his favor and willingly looked into Voldemort’s mind. He turned out to be absolutely right, as by embracing this connection, Harry was able to learn the location of the final Horcrux at Hogwarts, thus ensuring his victory.

7 Wrong: that Ron would follow him without question

The fight between Harry and Ron in Deathly Hallows It caused a heartbreaking separation, which was the result of Harry not realizing that Ron was not entirely in agreement. At the end of Half-Blood PrinceHe was convinced that Ron would follow him without hesitation.

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This was far from the case, as Ron despised Harry for leading him and Hermione to a dead end. Harry thought that Ron would stay with him as Hermione, not realizing that Ron needed more of a reason to stay than just his word.

6 Right: Reasoning that the Deluminator was going to help Ron get back

Ron’s estrangement didn’t last long since he returned to Harry and Hermione after regretting his actions. He found them through the Deluminator, which Ron thought was done deliberately because Dumbledore found out that he would abandon them.

To this, Harry argued that Dumbledore actually did it because Ron had wanted to return. Harry interpreted the same situation positively as a testament to Ron’s character, in which he was right since Dumbledore confirmed it when he met Harry at King’s Cross.

5 Wrong: blame Hermione for losing the Firebolt

The introduction of Firebolt was different in the film adaptation of Prisoner of Azkaban, where Harry received the broom at the end. In the book, Sirius sent it anonymously, which worried Hermione enough to report it to Professor McGonagall, who confiscated it.

Harry’s anger led him to blame Hermione for taking the broom from him even though Hermione only acted in his best interest. The funny thing is, Harry actively knew he was wrong and Hermione was right, as he recognized to himself that Hermione’s fears were valid. However, his anger washed over him and he continued to turn his back on Hermione.

4 Right: Keep the deathly hallows away from each other

Harry Potter looking at the elder wand

Harry was tested as the Master of Death when he came into possession of each of the Deathly Hallows, but he accepted the inevitable nature of death. He rejected the most powerful wand there is, left the Stone of Resurrection in the Forbidden Forest, and only kept the Cloak of Invisibility.

His decision was the correct one, as by gifting the wand, Harry finally put an end to the long and bloody story of death attributed to him. The Resurrection Stone never brought people back fully, meaning Harry was saved from feeling separated from loved ones and losing his sanity.

3 Wrong: thinking that Kreacher’s feelings didn’t matter

Kreacher in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry was aware of the facts about Dobby’s life because he genuinely loved and cared for him. However, he didn’t have any of these to spare for Kreacher, whom he considered unworthy of kind treatment and basically thought it was useless.

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How did you find out in Deathly Hallows, Kreacher had betrayed Sirius mainly because the latter treated him like trash. He had total loyalty to Regulus because he was kind and compassionate. After Harry did the same, he knew that Kreacher had always been a good-hearted person to whom the world had been cruel.

two Right: That facing Voldemort was his choice

After discovering that Voldemort had made seven Horcruxes, Harry became concerned that he was not equipped to face his enemy. Dumbledore helped him realize that, with or without the Horcruxes, Voldemort would attempt to kill Harry because of the prophecy.

It was here that Harry felt that meeting Voldemort was his choice, as he could either try to run away from Voldemort or he could face him bravely. In the end, he did so by chasing down and destroying the Horcrux before looking Voldemort in the eye as he defeated his mortal enemy.

1 Wrong: the capture of Sirius by Voldemort

Oclumency was something that Dumbledore didn’t step in to help Harry, but left it to Snape, who made a mess of everything. Voldemort took advantage of the connection he shared with Harry by planting a false vision of Sirius’s capture, which convinced Harry to head to the Department of Mysteries to rescue him.

Sadly for Harry, Sirius ended up dying anyway when he arrived to save Harry. He turned out to be gravely wrong about the whole situation, something he regretted later when he realized that Sirius would have lived if he had accepted Hermione’s suggestion that his vision had not been correct.

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