The Witcher (Netflix)

Well obviously I have to put The Wizard here. The fantasy series is arguably one of Cavill’s biggest hits, as it should be. The Wizard tells the story of Geralt of Rivia, one of the last known Witchers (basically a monster hunter) in the world, and the adventures of his life, told over hundreds of years in a medieval kingdom-esq full of monsters, sorcery and wicked men and women.

Henry Cavill has taken on the lead role of Geralt and has done a great job. I think what it does The Wizard It’s cool to see more of it, so Cavill is actually a huge fan of the series, both the books and the games, so he was extremely dedicated to getting this part right. And obviously it is one of the most viewed original series’ always on Netflix, so the fans are there.

Stream it on Netflix Here.

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