How South Park predicted to frame Britney

Framing Britney is taking the internet by storm, but South Park offered an empathetic take on Britney’s mistreatment by the media in 2008.

The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney She is currently taking the internet by storm and causing many to reconsider her take on the troubled pop star Britney Spears, but South Park already offered an empathetic view on the abuse of the princess of pop by the media in 2008. A dozen years ago, South Park he directed his satirical aim at Britney Spears, whose personal life was in free fall at the time the season 12 episode of the animated sitcoms “Britney’s New Look” aired.

Twelve years later, the documentary The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney has offered an in-depth look at the pop icon’s controversial tutelage. Framing BritneyThe poignant portrait of a woman constantly aggrieved by the media and cruelly vilified by the public is causing many journalists, fans, and even the media to reflect on their own coverage of the troubled singer’s 2007 public collapse.

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Although notable comedian and American horror story Guest star Billy Eichner took to Twitter to tell his followers that they are as guilty of the mistreatment of Britney by the media as they were by the media exploiting her mental illness, few commentators noted that a prominent pair of American television satirists offered a look. more understanding of your circumstances. At the time. While many programs like Family man were complicit in mocking and downplaying the struggles of the often controversial singer, Trey Parker and Matt Stone South Park She took a surprisingly delicate approach and directed her anger at the right target, taunting the media as amoral vultures and portraying Britney as a victim of her tireless harangue.

South Park Britney Spears Death Harvest Sacrifice

“Britney’s New Look” is dark South Park 2008 and sees the mainstream media portrayed as carefree paparazzi treating Britney’s gruesome suicide attempt as a fashion choice. Even after the star shoots herself, the media continues to harass her in a story whose grim and comical ending, in which Britney is finally forced to commit suicide by the paparazzi, is removed from The ritual of spring. By the end of the episode, Britney has had an early death and the South Park The boys have been unable to stop the cycle of abuse that the media portrays celebrities through as it is revealed that she was attacked as part of a cult ritual from eons ago.

It’s a dark twist The curse of Hill House Author Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery” that forced viewers to confront how complicit they have been in Spears’ cultural mistreatment, a surprisingly prescient theme for an episode that aired more than a decade before the viral documentary You will earn applause for doing the same. Notably, this episode did not receive favorable reviews at the time of its release, with many outlets calling it an intermediate error for the satirical series. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the media that rejected From South Park Taking on the treatment of Britney Spears by the media also ran gossip columns discussing the singer’s collapse in lurid detail at the time, and many of the same outlets are praising Framing Britney for questioning how brutally exploited the singer has been.

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