How to earn peace talismans in Genshin Impact (and what are they for)

Peace Talismans are an essential item for the Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact. This guide will show players where to find them.

Talismans of Peace is a new article in Genshin impact. This guide will show players how they can earn them and explain what they can be used for. Genshin Impact He is currently hosting his newest and possibly largest event yet in the form of the Lantern Rite. To participate in this event, players must be Adventure Rank 23 or higher and have completed both “From the Land Amidst the Monoliths” and “Alatus Chapter”. Once this is done, players can participate in this limited-time event and win exclusive gear. Players can even unlock a 4-star character for free if they play their cards right. This guide will show players how they can earn Peace Talismans and explain what they are for.

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The talismans of peace are the main form of currency for this event. Players will be able to purchase items using the Peace Talismans during the Lantern Rite event. Players looking to unlock that free 4-star character will need to collect a total of 1000 Peace Talismans. Currently, there are only one-way players who can unlock them and that is by completing the missions of the Theater Mechanicus. Each mission comes with its own set of rules and difficulty. The more difficult the challenge, the greater the reward. This guide will show players how they can complete these missions to earn more Peace Talismans.

How to earn more peace talismans in Genshin Impact

Genshin's Impact Lantern Rite

Players must participate in the Theater Mechanicus minigame. To do this, they must first have completed the first mission in Lantern Rite’s story and created Xiao Lanterns. During these missions, players will not deal any damage and their elemental blast will not be available. The only thing players can use is their elemental abilities. Each tower comes with its elemental ability that players can do combos with. Each mission will assign players different challenges like defeating all enemies or eliminating them in a specific time limit. Regardless, players will need to defend themselves hard to complete these challenges. Make sure you make as many Xiao lanterns before you go on these missions. Players will not be able to get them back no matter how poorly (or well) they performed.

As mentioned, players will need to collect 1000 Peace Talismans to unlock the free 4-star character. This shouldn’t be too difficult as more challenging missions will offer 300 Peace Talismans per piece. Make sure to participate in this event before it is too late.

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