How to farm gray dwarfs in Valheim

Gray dwarfs are worth hunting down in Valheim, however their spawning ground and propensity to arrive in groups make them devastating foes.

The gray dwarves hold onto various precious and unique resources in Valheim, which makes them worth hunting. These strange creatures appear to have emerged from abandoned tree stumps throughout the landscape. Players should be careful around them, especially when they are looking for wood.

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These hostile and nasty little monsters are the adult form of Greylings. They can be found almost anywhere, but they have specific spawning areas. Players will need to watch their backs when hunting gray dwarves and carry a weapon.

How to hunt gray dwarfs in Valheim

Gray dwarves are especially nasty creatures as they often attack in groups. This can make it incredibly annoying or scary to tackle if the player is still new to the area or hasn’t leveled up much. However, the resources they can drop sweeten the deal to go out and get them. The resources that gray dwarves drop are things like stones, resin, wood, and / or a gray dwarf eye. The eye is the most useful and rare item he drops, as they are needed to create a portal and summon bosses throughout the game. Making them quite a useful annoyance.

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All gray dwarves will appear in the Black Forest. In particular, of the nest-like objects within the Black Forest. Players can wait around the nests to keep spawning and take out as many as possible, or quickly farm as many as necessary before destroying the nest. The main thing to remember is that they will not continue to reproduce if their nest is destroyed. This means that unless the player is sure that they will not need any more of their materials, they should not destroy the nests. Instead, players must hunt their fill and leave before more appear.

Players should also be aware that the creatures not only have a melee attack, but they can also lift rocks off the ground and throw them at the player to hurt them. Timing is everything when it comes to getting back to the player’s base. Fortunately, if the player is followed, there is a way to scare the creatures. The gray dwarves are terrified of fire. Therefore, players should make sure to use torches around their residence or stay near a campfire when trying to stay away from the little evil spirits.

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Valheim is currently in early access and available on Linux and PC.

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