How to fix your Dualsense controller

The PlayStation 5 saw stick drift issues almost immediately after launch. Now Sony is finally opening the door for users to request repairs.

Analog joystick drift is a critical issue that has affected several controllers. Perhaps the best known instance is the problematic drift Joy-Con from Nintendo Switch due to its prevalence. Although still common, it was a less publicized issue with the Dual Shock 4. However, controllers that ran into drift issues just weeks after the PlayStation 5’s launch raised the alarm.

Videos popped up quickly, showing a fully intact DualSense controller still recording inputs as if the analog stick was being moved. The worst part of this is that Sony did not offer the necessary support for gamers to solve this problem until recently. Sony has finally opened up the possibility for users to request repairs for the DualSense stick bypass, but it may be a case of too little, too late.

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Stick drift is a malfunction that causes a controller to register an analog input from the stick even if the stick doesn’t move. A wide range of problems can cause this problem; More commonly, it can be attributed to the internals of an analog stick wearing out over time or a problem with connecting the controller to the system. However, when the problem occurs so close to the launch of a system, it usually points to a manufacturing problem.

Analog sticks are a main input for consoles and most games today, so users experiencing left analog stick drift can find almost any game that cannot be played as it affects the movement of the character. Even a drifting right analog stick can cause a user’s camera to move uncontrollably. These types of controller issues can be incredibly annoying for gamers, especially after purchasing an expensive console. DualSense controllers aren’t cheap either, as they generally cost around $ 70.00. There are some home remedies for the problem that some users are lucky with, but they tend to be temporary fixes or require the ability to solder, which void any existing warranties. The most consistent solution has been to send it in for repair, although in some cases the controller needs to be completely replaced.

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The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons faced a very similar problem, resulting in Nintendo receives class action lawsuit. The company’s response to this problem was to offer anyone with free affected Joy-Cons replacements, as well as reimburse any previous repairs. Their formal statement and apology seemed to indicate that they would be looking to improve the way the drivers were built. However, a combination of its ban on custom Joy-Cons and the Joy-Con’s continuing drift issue has soured the response from many longtime fans.

Stick drift isn’t talked about much, which is a shame; There are a number of easy solutions that could eliminate or reduce it. A simple workaround would be to allow gamers to adjust the dead zone on their DualSense 5 controllers. This would instruct the system not to register an analog stick input until it crosses a certain pressure threshold. Since stick drift generally gets worse over time, this wouldn’t permanently fix the problem, but it would allow players to use their $ 70.00 controllers for a bit longer.

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Stick Drift has been a problem for almost as long as video game consoles have had controllers, although more attention has certainly been paid to the problem recently. For those who find their DualSense controllers affected by stick drift, they can navigate to the website that Sony has exclusively created for PlayStation 5 service issues. Some people who have contacted support have been informed that the stick bypass is covered under warranty, although the shipping fee is not.

Outside of stick drift issues, the DualSense 5 is an incredibly advanced controller with a really sleek and comfortable design. The DualSense feature in the controller is a great selling point for tons of fans, even if the cost of that point of sale is $ 70.00. The only saving grace here may be that the stick drift flaw was identified early in the PS5’s lifespan, and a possible fix could mean we won’t see it in future iterations.

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