How to summon (and defeat) the elder in Valheim

Valheim has multiple bosses around the world for players to defeat, including the Elder, a giant tree monster, but he must first be summoned.

Among the five heads of Valheim, the Elder is the second. The one before the Elder is Eikthyr. Like Eikthyr, the Elder must be summoned with special ingredients.

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While the Eikthyr biome is the meadow, the old man’s is the black forest. The first step in finding the Elder is to head to the Runestones in the Black Forest biome. Here, the player will be alerted to the location of the Elder’s altar.

What it takes to summon and defeat the old man in Valheim

This altar requires the player to sacrifice three Ancient Seeds to summon the Elder. Ancient Seeds are a resource that can only be dropped by Greydwarf Brutes and Greydwarf Shamans. They can also be found in Gray Dwarf nests if a player is willing to destroy a Gray Dwarf spawn point. However, before the player returns to the altar to burn the seeds and summon this beast, players must prepare for the battle ahead. The pickaxe given to the player for beating the first boss will allow them to mine and collect new materials to create items such as bronze armor and suitable weapons. The old man, like a giant tree man, is especially sensitive to fire damage. Players should take advantage of this by obtaining a large collection of fire arrows and crafting a quality bow.

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Another item that the player should collect for this fight is the healing potions. The Elder has a couple of attacks, all of which the player will want to stay away from. Its two main attacks are AOE’s stomp attack and the one that summons its roots from the ground into the area surrounding the player. These roots will move, preventing the player from escaping the Elder and damaging the player.

Due to these attacks, players must focus on staying out of range and shooting as many fire arrows at him as possible. Another good idea is to create several campfires and place them around the altar before you summon it. This should cause the Elder to step on or stomp on the fires, damaging himself while chasing the player around the area. Players must also take advantage of the terrain here and use the stone pillars to dodge their projectiles. However, players should not stray too far from the altar, as they can catch the attention of other hostile monsters in the Black Forest.

Once the player has defeated the old man, they will receive the key to the swamp, the old man’s trophy, and the old man’s power. The swamp key will unlock all crypts within the swamp biome. The Elder Trophy must be placed on the altar to grant the player the Elder Power. This power increases the player’s wood cutting speed.

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Valheim is available in early access on Linux and PC.

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