How to upgrade the forge in Valheim

As players begin to find metals in Valheim, they can create stronger and more durable metal tools and weapons with a Forge. Forges can also be upgraded.

As players explore the huge procedurally generated world of Valheim and they begin to find new resources and tougher enemies, they will need stronger and more durable equipment made of metals. Valheim is full of deep, complex and realistic mechanics that push players to immerse themselves in the world and improve their survival skills. Players can begin to find metallic minerals, such as copper and tin, in the Black Forest biome, and iron in the swamp. To convert ore into usable metal, players will need to cook it in a foundry. Then to create items out of metal, players can’t just use their workbench. Instead, they will need to create and use a forge. To operate the Forge, players will also need a charcoal kiln, which is capable of turning wood into charcoal. Players can update Forge as if updating their Workbench, allowing players to start building better top-tier teams.

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Forge can upgrade a total of six levels. To get to each one, players will need to create a new item and place it somewhere near the Forge itself. These items include anvils, a forging cooler, a blacksmith’s anvil, a forging tool rack, forging bellows, and a grinding wheel. Players will need to unlock crafting recipes for these items, which they can typically obtain by performing various in-game activities. Here’s how to update Forge in Valheim.

How to build a forge in Valheim

Forge's interface allows players to create tools and weapons out of metals.

Like the workbench and foundry, the forge must be indoors to function properly. This means that players will need to have four walls and a roof around their forge. It should also be near a workbench. Players will also need to place various items near the forge to increase the level of the crafting station. If a player’s house isn’t big enough, it’s okay to place some of these items on the outside wall near the Forge rather than inside the house.

Players will not be able to build a forge until they have obtained a pickaxe and mined copper. After this point, they can build their foundry to get pure copper bars and a coal furnace to get coal. Once this is done, they can build the Forge. The materials required are:

  • 4 stone
  • 4 Coal
  • 10 Wood
  • 6 Copper

Players will need to equip their hammer and press F to open the Elaboration tongue. They will need to press Q / E to choose Forge and use the Left mouse button to place it.

How to upgrade a forge in Valheim

Valheim base building

Players can create six different buildings to place near their forge, increasing their level by one. They can be made in any order. The elements are:

  • Forge Cooler: 25 Fine Wood, 10 Copper
  • Anvils: 5 Wood, 20 Bronze; elaborated in the Workbench
  • Smith’s Anvil: 20 Iron, 5 Wood
  • Forge Toolrack: 15 Iron, 10 Wood
  • Forging bellows: 5 Wood, 5 Deerskin, 4 Chain
  • Tooth: 25 Wood, 1 Sharpening Stone

To unlock the recipes to create each of these buildings, players will need to find a specific resource:

  • Forge Cooler: Copper and fine wood
  • Anvils: Bronze (crafted)
  • Smith’s Anvil: Iron
  • Forge Toolrack: Iron
  • Forging bellows: Iron and Chain
  • Tooth: Stone cutter and whetstone (handmade)

Right now while Valheim is in early access, players can only upgrade their forge to level 6. As more updates are introduced, more levels may be introduced to help players build even better teams.

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Valheim is on Steam Early Access and available for PC.

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