Hulk’s new villain finally revealed in a comic book preview

The Hulk’s newest villain is finally revealed as Professor Noreen Nolan, Bruce Banner’s former mentor and friend, in a sneak peek of an upcoming comic.

Warning: this article contains minor spoilers for Hulk: Flatline # 1!

Bruce Banner’s life ended the moment gamma rays hit his unprotected body at a government test site. Since then, he has lived a troubled and tormented life as the incredible Hulk. Although he has done heroic things and fought alongside heroes like the Avengers, Banner is haunted by the death, destruction, and suffering that his green alter-ego has caused in other people’s lives, let alone the damage to his own. personal and professional relationships. Following the success of Al Ewing and Joe Bennett’s The immortal Hulk series, the next one-shot story Immortal Hulk: Flatline examines the everyday life of Bruce Banner, with his latest villain revealed once again as someone from his past with an ax to grind.

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the Immortal hulk The series has taken the Green Goliath in a new direction, radically reexamining and redefining Bruce’s relationship with the Hulk, but also addressing the painful trauma of his childhood, the different personalities of the Hulk within his psyche, and the horrible truth behind him and him. other gamma- the relationship of empowered heroes with life and death. With Immortal hulk # fifty announced as the series finale, Marvel released the news of a series of Immortal hulk one-shots with star creators telling stories within the redefined mythology of Immortal Hulk. Formerly Jeff Lemire and Mike del Mundo Immortal Hulk: The Threshing Place told the story of Banner’s investigation of a terrified city, a new gamma-irradiated conspiracy, and a secret government facility responsible for ruining a girl’s life in the name of science.

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In the next Hulk: Flatline # 1star creator Declan Shalvey does double duty as writer and artist in a story that begins with Bruce Banner waking up, shirtless and disheveled, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after another night in the role of the Hulk. Through Banner’s internal monologue, it is revealed that although he is unaware of the Hulk’s activities, the Jade Giant gives him plenty of time to walk to work. Bruce reflects on how a former scientist with multiple PhDs now washes dishes and wipes tables simply to keep his life moving. Hardly recognized by the locals, Bruce receives an unexpected visit from someone from his past, Dr. Noreen Nolan, an intellectual gamma radiation expert and Bruce’s former mentor. Take a look at the Marvel Comics preview pages below:

Immortal Hulk preview page 4

The idea of ​​the Hulk being a curse has been further perpetuated by the effect it had on Bruce’s friends and others close to him. Betty Ross, Rick Jones, and General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross stand out among those whose lives were changed by the Hulk and who have since died or are now living a life they never would have chosen. A mentor’s introduction is reminiscent of Dr. Leonard Williams, a Marvel alternate reality Ultimate Universe character who not only taught Bruce Banner everything he knew, but actually became the “First Hulk.” Although their conversation begins amicably, Dr. Nolan’s knowledge of Bruce and his dreaded alter-ego comes with a similar hint of danger, suggesting that this happy reunion could quickly turn unpleasant.

The preview pages above show the Hulk in battle with a new villain who glows with green energy and seems capable of creating huge constructions similar to DC’s Green Lantern, and that new enemy is now confirmed as Dr. Noreen Nolan. Whatever his reasons for attacking his former student, this latest blast from the past is likely only deepening Banner’s loneliness and depression, fueling his anger that the Hulk continues to rob him of the few comforts of his humanity. Of course the Immortal hulk knows exactly what to do with Bruce Banner’s anger.

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