James Bond: everything that was censored by Skyfall in China

Almost all James Bond movies before Casino Royale were banned in China, but what scenes did the country’s censors cut from 2012’s Skyfall and why?

Here’s why 2012 Skyfall was censored in China and what was left out. Almost every James bond movie before Royal Casino was banned in China, but Daniel Craig’s remake of 007 saw a new era in a key film market. But that doesn’t mean Bond wasn’t completely modified in China, as Skyfall saw a couple of scenes removed specifically for the market for key reasons.

Launched in 2012, Skyfall It was a triumphant return to form for the toughest of Daniel Craig, Bourne-influenced incarnation of James Bond. Faster and more fun than the endlessly slow and complicated Quantum of Solace, Skyfall saw Craig combine his most severe and edgy Bond with the over the top action and cheesy villains fans have come to expect from the series. As a result, Skyfall managed to win over critics and fans alike and remains one of Craig’s most beloved outings in the role of 007. So loved, in fact, that Skyfall also stands out for being one of the first James bond movies to be released in China, although the spy movie was still censored for movies. Craig’s debut in the role, the grim story of 2006 Royal Casino, It was the first James bond film that will be released in China without cuts, but Skyfall it failed to pass censorship with the same ease.

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Plus James bond movies before Royal Casino it was banned entirely in China because of its implicit endorsement of MI6, the CIA, and other Western extra-governmental organizations, and its consistent depiction of China’s government agents as villains. However, while Royal Casino was released without cuts due to describing less specific “terrorists” and crime bosses as its villains, Skyfall was one of the first in the franchise to be censored in some places rather than being banned entirely. Scenes that were cut for viewers in China included a murderer who killed a Chinese security guard (an understandable omission) and Severine reflecting on her past as a child prostitute in Macau (who was presumably perceived as the filmmakers who painted the region in an unseemly light). .

Javier Bardem in Skyfall

Chinese censors did not explain the scenes they chose to cut from the film premiere of From 2012 James bond adventure when the movie hit theaters, but it’s relatively easy to see why both cuts were made. Severine’s past as a child prostitute in Macau reflects poorly on the territory, something Chinese censors were unimpressed with. The murder of a Chinese security guard, meanwhile, was removed entirely rather than being re-edited as the Severine scene, and the most likely reason is that censors felt that this sequence casts doubt on China’s ability to defend itself against international intrigues. the process of censoring and altering representations of government operations is not unique to China.

the James bond The films themselves portray MI6, often questioned and protested, as unassailable good guys (even after borrowing the paranoid, anti-authority tone of the Bourne films, where the CIA is portrayed as shady villains). Meanwhile, American productions like Top gun often cannot secure the cooperation of organizations such as the Army, Air Force, or Navy without approving the Pentagon’s script and story (which is why Tom Cruise’s hero Maverick dates a civilian rather than a colleague , a change made by the Pentagon as the organization does not allow inter-office romances). James Bond may not have gotten away with uncut Skyfall exploits in China, but he’s far from the only blockbuster hero to see his exploits on the big screen influenced by a government.

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