James Gunn confirms he’s alive after obituary confusion

Sci-fi author James Gunn has passed away and writer / director James Gunn has had to confirm it’s not him thanks to a poorly worded headline.

James Gunn, writer and director of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and the upcoming soft reboot The suicide squad he’s still alive despite a recent viral scare. Gunn is one of the best-known creatives behind the superhero film and television giant that has developed over the past decade. His ability to write funny and heartwarming interpersonal relationships between super friends has earned him working with both Marvel and DC, and his remarkable work ethic has led to a busy schedule. Gunn wrote the entirety of a Peacemaker spin-off series because he was bored during quarantine, and fit it into his shooting schedule between The suicide squad Y Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

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Gunn is very active on social media, frequently updating fans of his work on new developments such as writing and filming. Pacifier. Years after tweeting a series of inappropriate jokes that caused Disney to briefly fire him, Gunn uses his platform to tell industry stories and answer questions about his films. In a recent thread, Gunn confirmed the galaxy that Star-Lord and his friends are guardians of, and addressed many other questions about his process, involvement in other MCU movies, and his favorite scene in Avengers Endgame.

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Gunn He took to Twitter to inform the internet that he is not dead after a confusing headline caused friends and family to mistake the announcement of author James Gunn’s death for a reference to him. It paid tribute to the science fiction author and editor of the Road to science fiction, who died at the age of 97. Deadline began a headline reporting the death of the late Gunn with “James Gunn dies,“and several people close to the director”scared“upon reading it quickly. Gunn gently suggested that Deadline I should have considered a different wording. Read the tweet below:

It is regrettable that the death of the esteemed author has been confused with this confusion. It is not the first time that the death of a celebrity has been misinterpreted or misreported. The late Gunn was a prolific author and received an esteemed Hugo Award whose work will outlive him. Director Gunn alleviated the awkward situation by recalling moments at conventions when he was presented with one of the late Gunn’s books and asked to sign them. Fans would ask him if he could sign it anyway, and he always politely refused.

Very much alive, James Gunn will return to his busy schedule working on back-to-back performances and television shows. Throughout the pandemic, he has upheld the CDC guidelines for maintaining healthy and safe outfits. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 It is scheduled to start production later this year in the UK, and if all goes well, it will announce more productions in the industry and for Gunn himself. For a long life.

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