Justice League: Snyder Cut’s New God, Grandma’s Kindness Explained

Granny Goodness will appear in the upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut, but who exactly is she and what is her story in the comics and other media?

Grandmother kindness will appear in Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueBut who is this elderly villain? With the film’s March 18 HBO Max debut just over a month away, it seems like not a day goes by without a new reveal on what’s behind the long-awaited Snyder Cut, and the already high anticipation for see a proportional increase. A recent snippet from the upcoming second trailer revealed that Granny Goodness is in the movie, and Snyder later confirmed her presence.

Considering there has never been any casting news for Granny Goodness in the Snyder Cut, this caught fans off guard almost as much as Snyder’s revelation that General Swanwick was a Martian manhunter in disguise. Darkseid and Desaad were even known to be played respectively by Ray Porter and Peter Guinness long before the first trailer came out. With the clock ticking on its imminent release, the Snyder Cut remains as full of surprises as ever.

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So who exactly is Granny Goodness and what role will she have to play in the Snyder Cut? Like her fellow New Gods seen in the movie’s marketing, Granny Goodness has a long comic book history and has also been seen in animation, live action, and even some video games like DC Universe Online. Her now confirmed presence raises questions not only about what her role could be in the film, but also who else could join her in theory. Here’s the story of Granny Goodness and what her role could be in Snyder Cut.

The origins of the Granny Goodness comic

Created by Jack Kirby, Granny Goodness was originally part of the lower class of Apokolips known as the “Lowlies”. After being drawn into Darkseid’s inner circle, she was trained to be one of his “Hounds”. Ultimately, Granny Goodness was tasked with training new young soldiers for Apokolips, as well as being the leader of Darkseid’s cabal of female warriors known as the Female Furies. Among the recruits he raised was Scott Free, Highfather’s son from New Genesis, but he managed to break free and later became Mister Miracle.

Similar to her practices on Apokolips, Granny Goodness has been tasked with overseeing orphanages on Earth with the goal of recruiting more potential soldiers for Darkseid. As a New God, Granny Goodness is essentially immortal and shares her physical strength and durability, and her name is derived from her elderly appearance. Being the leader of the Female Furies, she is also a skilled warrior and a devoted ally of Darkseid.

Other Adaptations of Granny Goodness

Young Justice Outsiders Granny Goodness Gretchen Goode Halo

Granny Goodness has previously made several appearances outside of the comics, both in animated and live-action form. Superman: The Animated Series featured recurring guest appearances for Goodness, with Ed Asner on vocals. Asner would later reprise the role in Unlimited justice league, and Granny Goodness has appeared in many other animated series such as Justice League Action, Young Outsiders of JusticeY Harley Quinn, with Cloris Leachman, Deborah Strang and Jessica Walter voicing it. Granny Goodness has also been seen in various animated films, such as Superman / Batman: Apocalypse, with Asner voicing it again, and Justice League: Gods and Monsters, where she was voiced by Khary Payton.

Granny Goodness was seen in live action on Superman’s origin series Smallville, first appearing at the end of season 9 with Nancy Amelia Bell in the role, and was subsequently played by Christine Willes in season 10. With all these past appearances behind her, the question now falls to what role Granny Goodness will play. on the Snyder Cut. With the small fragment shown of her and, perhaps most importantly, some of the other Apokoliptian characters that appear in the film, it is possible to venture a conjecture as to what her presence in the story might imply.

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The role of Granny Goodness in The Snyder Cut

Justice League trailer trailer reveals Darkseid and Homeworld appear

With the Snyder Cut involving both the future of Knightmare and most likely a glimpse into Apokolips, chances are high that Granny Goodness will be seen training soldiers for Darkseid, be it on Apokolips, Knightmare, or both. The latter in particular seems like a good bet as to where he might have his greatest prominence in the movie: in a possible dark future where Darkseid successfully conquered the world and brought Superman to his side through the Anti-Life Equation. Featuring Darkseid’s torturer Desaad, also known to be present in the film, Knightmare could show the two working together, with Granny Goodness acting as Darkseid’s sergeant and Desaad inflicting punishment on new recruits who step out of line or they actively rebel.

The presence of Granny Goodness in the film also raises the question of what other characters of Apokoliptian origin might appear, especially with the chance with which Snyder revealed her. The fact that it is only now known that Goodness is in the Snyder Cut makes it possible for characters such as Darkseid’s daughter, Grail, his son Kalibak or others to appear as well. The role of Granny Goodness certainly solidifies the importance of Apokolips and Knightmare to the film’s story.

It should be clear that Granny Goodness is likely to be a supporting character appearing in the background of the film, especially without any casting related news. In fact, it’s quite possible that it was simply rendered entirely via CGI without even having any dialogue in the film, and Snyder intended that during the initial production of the film it would develop further in the future. However, the fact that Grandmother kindness Being seen in Snyder’s cut went from being a question mark just a few days ago to now fully confirmed only shows once again how deep the rabbit hole of Zack Snyder’s Justice League It really is, and who knows what else is in Snyder’s 4-hour epic?

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