King in Black is bringing all of Spider-Man’s nightmares to life

King in Black has been a difficult event for everyone. But Spider-Man in particular is being sent on a nightmare trip into the past.

King in black It has been quite a difficult event for the good guys, some harder than others, but Knull seems to take pleasure in going particularly hard on Spiderman. The invasion of Earth by the King of the Void has been swift and ruthless. A symbiote dome has covered the planet, leaving Earth isolated from any interstellar support and light. The heroes still standing are forced to face their symbiote-possessed comrades on top of Knull and his horde of dragons.

The forces of Earth are giving their all in the fight against the King in Black. Iron Man is flying causing havoc on one of Knull’s dragons. Blade leads an army of vampires. And Thor is personally fighting the King himself. While they all play an important role, Spider-Man has one of the most important of all. Peter Parker is the keeper of Knull’s target, Dylan, Eddie Brock’s son. He has a tough fight ahead of him, and Knull is already putting him in an emotional bind.

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The tumultuous friendship of Peter Parker and Eddie Brock has repeatedly focused on Cates and Stegman’s career in Poison. When a vengeful Cletus Kassady returns in the Absolute carnagePeter is the first person Eddie turns to for help. As much as Eddie hated him after meeting, Spider-Man is the closest thing he has to a friend. So watching Eddie die in circumstances eerily similar to his greatest failure has to be incredibly difficult for Peter. Watching Gwen Stacy fall has haunted Peter his entire life; Seeing the same thing happen to Eddie will probably do the same. In Dylan, Peter has found a younger version of himself in many ways. Venom’s son is a lonely young orphan with mysterious powers and the weight of the world on his shoulders. Eddie’s death is bad enough, but being there with Dylan while his father dies is a stark reminder of his own experience watching Uncle Ben die.

Dylan Brock uses his powers in King in Black # 2.

Matt Murdock may be Marvel’s most guilty hero, but Spider-Man is not far behind. “With great power comes great responsibility” stems from her lasting trauma in failing to save her beloved uncle. Somehow Peter is responsible for Knull’s reckoning. He’s the one who brought the symbiotes to Earth to begin with. And now the world is drowning in a flood of monstrous black substance because he came home in a cool new costume.

Peter is separated from Mary Jane and his other loved ones and is directly fighting all the symbiote-possessed heroes whom he calls friends. The fact that he has to turn his powers into the zombie civilians that Knull has overcome is another cruelty that Peter is subjected to. Responsibility has been the main theme of Spiderman comics for almost 60 years. And now, Peter has to experience Earth and his loved ones being consumed by a hell that is partly his fault as he simultaneously relives the worst days of his life through the eyes of young Dylan Brock. Oh, and Dylan is also the key to defeating Knull. Even for Marvel’s greatest hero, King in black It is a little difficult.

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