KUWTK: All the reasons behind the backlash over North’s painting

After Kim posted a photo of North’s amazing painting, fans doubted that she actually painted it. Now, many think they were doubting Kim, not North.

North West is the talk of the internet at just seven years old. Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian posted a photo of North’s amazing painting on her Instagram story. Fans were quick to analyze the painting and wondered if North actually did it herself or not. While the negative comments questioned North’s artistic ability, it may not really have been his fault. In fact, the backlash may have been due to the reputation of the entire keeping up with the Kardashians family.

North West, the eldest daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, is a talented girl. While fans have seen her sing, dance, model, and even design her own clothes, she was recently introduced to another of North’s many talents. When Kim first posted the photo of North’s detailed painting, fans were stunned by how professionally painted it looked. They quickly began to assume that North, in fact, did not paint it herself. While many rumors began to spread through social media, some people assumed it was actually a painting of numbers.

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The negative reaction North West received from his painting may not have been his fault. A fan She took to Reddit to defend North, explaining that it wasn’t really her fault that people didn’t believe she painted the detailed landscape. It’s the reputation of the entire Kardashian-Jenner family that caused it. Over the years, the famous family has repeatedly denied the obvious. The famous sisters have denied that they have undergone plastic surgery, that they have oversized their lips, that they have used filters or photoshop, etc. Therefore, fans never know what to believe and what not to believe as their “the brand is not genuine. “The whole family has a reputation for being liars. On the Reddit thread, fans began to remember all the times the Kardashian sisters were caught in their lies in the past. They had a lot of evidence of Khloé lying about baking cakes for the Day. Thanksgiving to Kim saying North posted and deleted photos on his Instagram of the entire family lying about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy. Needless to say, fans may have doubted Kim instead of North.

Although it seemed that the hatred was intended for North, it may have been misunderstood. Many fans believe that the negativity was caused by the assumption of “Kim stretching the truth. “In fact, most people seemed not even to have questioned North’s painting ability. It is quite possible that with proper instruction, a seven-year-old could actually create a masterpiece. On Kim’s Instagram spiel , criticizing North fans, explained that North has been taking art classes with his friend Ryan. However, on the other hand, it might be easy to assume that a seven-year-old could not paint with such talent for those who have not. Made a gift for art.

The fans sympathize with the children of the keeping up with the Kardashians family as they were born into a life that receives so much hatred. The fame and reputation of North’s parents have caused the entire internet to question his talents at the age of seven.

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