Lower Level Character Tomozaki Joins Student Council Elections – AGAINST Hinami

In Tomozaki episode 6 of the lower level character, can Tomozaki and Mimimi take on Hinami in the Student Council elections?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for lower-level character Tomozaki Episode 6, “Once you start sprinting through the minigames, you really can’t stop,” which is now streaming on Funimation.

Ever since he really started playing the game of life, skilled gamer and social misfit Fumiya Tomozaki has taken on and (mostly) achieved the goals that his classmate and life coach Aoi Hinami has set for him. You are successfully growing as a person, making some friends, and improving all of your demeanor. But with the start of the Student Council election season, the teacher and her apprentice are part of the race, on opposite sides.

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Hinami, the big favorite to win the election, intended to make Tomozaki her campaign manager. But when the affable Mimimi Nanami surprisingly throws her hat into the ring, Hinami changes her mind. She doesn’t think Mimimi has a chance to win as things stand, so she instructs Tomozaki to become Mimimi’s campaign manager and help her make the election a real competition.

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Mimimi turns down Tomozaki’s initial offer to join her team, but her attention to detail and ideas for creative strategies soon convince her. While Hinami’s extensive knowledge of her fellow students allows her to interact with many of them individually, Mimimi is handing out fliers and animatedly, but generically, asking for votes. Tomozaki looks at his brochures and notices font inconsistencies, typos, and lines clustered too closely. So do some editing to make the brochures look cleaner and more professional, much to Mimimi’s joy and gratitude. She officially adds Tomozaki to the team as her “brain”.

Mimimi’s motivation to run reveals that there is so much more to her than the air-headed joker she is often portrayed. She has been friends with Hinami for a long time, and Hinami is the best at everything they do. Be it grades, sports, or any other competition, Hinami always finishes at the top of the school, with Mimimi coming in second. The two are very close, but Mimimi wants her own accomplishments to be remembered and to be able to feel truly proud of herself. In his eyes, Hinami is the mountain he has to overcome.

Tomozaki doesn’t necessarily think that Mimimi would make a better Student Council president than Hinami. However, the player in him enjoys the challenge of facing Hinami. In AtaFami they are known as Nanashi and NO NAME, the two best players in Japan by one mile. In real life, though, he’s still a rookie, and Hinami represents the biggest and toughest “boss” you can imagine. Tomozaki knows it’s a tall order, and he needs to get creative if he and Mimimi are to have any chance of beating Hinami.

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Tomozaki’s strategy is twofold: getting the votes from the sports clubs, where Mimimi is extremely popular, especially after promising them an electric air pump, and the first-year students, who are the least familiar with Hinami and therefore. it may be easier for Mimimi to reach. Although not fully revealed, Tomozaki also has a special plan for Mimimi’s big speech on Election Day. The two make a surprisingly excellent team, as Tomozaki’s strategies are increasing Mimimi’s chances of winning.

Yet Hinami is the best at everything she does for a reason, and her uncanny ability to engage directly with voters suggests that she is the best qualified to represent the school as president. Tomozaki may be fighting an almighty uphill battle, but he’s giving it his all and earning a massive amount of life experience points in the process. In the end, regardless of the outcome of the elections, Tomozaki is already a winner.

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