Marvel: 10 Comics To Read If You Like Loki

When it comes to fan-favorite villains, Loki is the main name that comes to mind, especially due to the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe version. With acclaim for his character, fans have revisited the comics that focus on him to get a sense of what he is like in the source material.

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The popular perception of Loki is that he is a complex character who turned evil after feeling ignored in favor of his brother. To this end, it is worth checking out the comics that show Loki in his villainous ways and the comics that show his point of view.

10 Thor # 364-366 by Walter Simonson

There have been many versions of Thor over the years, but this has to be the strangest yet. Using the Twilight Sword, Loki transforms his brother and even creates a duplicate of Thor to use as his puppet and control Asgard.

The story is primarily Thor’s to tell, but it remains memorable as a Loki story as the comics reflect the Trickster’s powers and his most blatant act in antagonizing his brother. It’s a classic style of comic book villainy that still works.

9 Vote Loki for Christopher Hastings

Vote for Loki

A satirical version of the US presidential election. Vote for Loki is a comic book series that takes politics into account while pushing the character’s cheater schemes to great extremes. The costume in this story is one of Loki’s best, so much so that it has been adapted to the MCU. Loki series too.

It shows Loki deciding that he wants to become president, using his schematics to get ahead of the competition and even get closer to winning. Also included are some fun political comments that will appeal to today’s fanbase.

8 Journey Into Mystery # 85 by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber

Journey into mystery n.  85

Loki’s first appearance in the comics was in Venus No. 6, representing him as a more diabolical being that wanted to spread hatred. The modern incarnation of Loki was introduced in this comic, which established him as Thor’s greatest and most intelligent enemy.

While it doesn’t establish his backstory in much depth, it does feature the first instance of Loki confronting Thor and his iconic appearance that has persisted to this day. Loki, who was more of an intellectual villain, was also a game changer at the time of the comic’s release.

7 Loki # 1-4 by Robert Rodi

This series is a kind of character study for Loki, who is shown in control of Asgard after so many years of intrigue. However, he doesn’t exactly enjoy being in charge, as Loki realizes that chasing this moment was better than living it.

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It doesn’t completely paint him in a positive light, but it does present his thinking about his perceived betrayal by Odin and why he views the other Asgardians with contempt. Switch from Thor’s perspective to Loki’s to complete the story.

6 West Coast Avengers # 55 by John Byrne

Avengers West Coast # 55 vs. Loki

Loki manipulated various villains into attacking the Avengers, causing further conflict. More than that, this story turned the combined forces of the East and West Coast Avengers against him.

It’s quite a sight to see so many heroes teaming up against one villain, with Loki getting his due for manipulating the antagonists as well, with this comic in particular being the one who sees Loki pay for his crimes after the great battle. .

5 Thor # 353 by Walter Simonson

Thor Quote # 353 Loki

There’s a lot of talk about Thor quotes from the MCU, but spending some time on Loki’s quotes from the comics reveals that he has had some memorable words of his own. In this comic, Loki puts aside his differences with Thor and Odin and fights alongside them.

He sees the trio confront Surtur, who seeks to destroy Asgard, something that Loki wants to avoid as his mission is to rule Asgard. The most memorable part involves the heroes dedicating their fights for the greater good, only for Loki to proudly proclaim that he is fighting for himself.

4 War of the Realms # 1 by Jason Aaron

A lot of crazy things happened in War of the kingdoms, with Loki’s supposed disappearance among the most notable. The comic has the traditional villain taking on a heroic role as he defends his adoptive mother, Frigga.

The story is primarily about Thor, with Loki still playing a crucial role in the fight against Malekith and Laufey. With Malekith seeking to seize the Bifrost Bridge, a series of battles take place and Loki faces Laufey. As Laufey devours him for his betrayal, the comic confirms Loki’s special place for his foster mother as he defends her with his life.

3 Siege # 1-4 by Brian Michael Bendis

Loki Osborn and Iron Man Siege # 1-4 by Brian Michael Bendis

Loki has always been written as a character who does so much wrong but has a bit of good in him for readers to forgive. Siege is a comic where Loki does exactly this, being the one who manipulates Norman Osborn to attack Asgard while tricking the Asgardians into fighting as well.

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What’s interesting is that Loki ends up regretting his actions, leading to his attempts to make up for the destruction he has caused. The comics show him at his worst and best, as Loki’s plans are abhorrent, but his regret is also worthy of admiration.

two Avengers # 118 by Steve Englehart

This comic is the culmination of a long conflict between the Avengers and the Defenders, which was sparked by Loki when his plans led to the clash of the two factions. The specific problem causes the teams to face off against the duo of Loki and Dormammu.

Loki’s success in pitting the heroes against each other allows Dormammu to take possession of the Evil Eye, as the Avengers and the Defenders combine forces and engage in a memorable battle.

1 Avengers # 1 by Stan Lee

Avengers # 1 by Stan Lee Avengers confront Loki

No matter what Avengers lineups have been seen over the years, the original is still the most treasured incarnation. Loki is responsible for the formation of the Avengers, as he unleashed the Hulk on Earth in hopes of causing a disaster to lure Thor.

This ends up working against him, as Earth’s mightiest heroes band together to take on Loki together, wresting the Hulk out of Loki’s control to fight him and establish the largest superhero faction in Marvel.

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