Marvel is ripping off Wonder Woman bracelets (and should keep them)

In the Legend of Shang-Chi, Shang-Chi wears bracelets that are very similar to Wonder Woman’s, although they seem to make more sense to the Marvel hero.

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Legend of Shang-Chi # 1!

In the new The Legend of Shang-Chi # 1 From Marvel Comics, the martial arts master just revealed how he rejects most attacks from weapons like swords and pistols, despite primarily fighting hand-to-hand. Wearing metal bracelets, Shang-chi it’s basically a DC Comics scam Wonder Woman, who has long used his armbands to deflect incoming shots and other attacks. However, with the highest levels of power that Wonder Woman has attained since its inception, the concept of bracers seems to make more sense to Shang-Chi than it does to Princess Diana at this point.

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Diana’s bracelets, which date back to Wonder Woman’s origins, are known as Bracelets of Submission, allowing her to block all kinds of projectiles, such as energy blasts and incoming shots. They also served as a reminder to never again allow himself to be dominated by the will of man, as his ancestors were before being freed by the goddess Aphrodite. However, it certainly seems that Wonder Woman no longer needs her bracelets for any kind of functional or protective reason, as she has become essentially indestructible herself. You really no longer need to fear something as trivial as incoming bullets.

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In comparison, Shang-Chi now wears similar bracelets in The Legend of Shang-Chi # 1 from writer Alyssa Wong and artist Andie Tong, and they turn out to be very valuable. In the problem, Shang-Chi is infiltrating a museum to steal the Equinox Blade for MI-6 in order to keep it out of the wrong hands, as the sword is very deadly with the ability to steal souls. Unfortunately, he’s already in the hands of Lady Deathstrike when Shang-Chi arrives, and she immediately attacks him. However, Shang-Chi’s bracers allowed him to fend off Deathstrike’s new sword, definitely proving his courage in the matter as he attempts to retrieve the powerful weapon.


In the end, Shang-Chi would retrieve the sword from Lady Deathstrike, who managed to escape (secretly escaping with a piece of the sword). Even so, Shang-Chi managed to complete his mission to the best of his knowledge, and he also used the sword to restore the souls he had taken from the museum’s security guards. Ultimately, Shang-Chi’s bracelets were a great help in his duel with this particular villain, and did much to protect him throughout the conflict.

In contrast, Wonder Woman has risen to such great levels of power that she doesn’t really seem like she really needs her bracelets as much as she did before, especially considering her recent rise to a more cosmic role after the recent events of DC. Dark Nights: Death Metal. As such, Shang-Chi “ripping off” Wonder Woman with her own protective bracelets shouldn’t be a big deal. However, if a choice were to be made for some reason, it certainly seems that Shang-chi has a greater need for them than Wonder Woman It does if this Marvel Comics issue is any indication.

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