Mass Effect: Andromeda: Everything You Need To Know About The Kett

The Ketts are a powerful and dangerous foe who came to the Heleus Cluster with the intention of conquering and exalting the sentient lifeforms there.

the Massive effect The franchise is famous for featuring its dark and terrifying enemy players that leave heroes trembling in their wake. After the iconic hero of the original trilogy, Commander Shepard, took on the Reapers, it was hard to imagine that the franchise could overcome a threat so complicated that, at times, it seemed impossible to overcome.

BioWare introduced the Kett in Andromeda hoping to instill fear and dread. Once the player became familiar with its sinister and twisted methods, it felt pretty safe to say that the game managed to create something as hideous as the Reapers. The Ketts present themselves to contact in a new galaxy as hopeful friends of its sentient residents. Once they have gained the trust of those they wish to conquer, their true motives become terrifyingly clear.

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When the Ketts reached the Heleus Cluster, they came into contact with the only known conscious race in the system: the Angara. Upon meeting the Angara, they presented them with gifts and an offer of friendship, but when the Angara relaxed, the Ketts began abducting their leaders and conducting genetic experiments to determine the benefits they could bring to their own race through exaltation. .

Hailing from an unknown planetary system in the Andromeda galaxy, the Ketts rose to power in their capital, Sarhesen, after the invention of exaltation. According to a recorded transmission discovered by the player character, the Exaltation emerged during a period of devastating genetic stagnation and decline among the Ketts. Their actual origins were not determined during transmission, but it became clear that, over time, it was the only means through which the Ketts could reproduce and replenish their numbers, as they had no sexual organs or reproductive systems within their bodies.

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Finding out more about the Ketts provided a keen look at their militaristic nature and prejudice against other alien races. They believed themselves superior, the evidence for this belief emerged in the genetic experiments they carried out on species that could benefit their evolution and the senseless slaughter of those who apparently did not contribute anything genetically to improve them. They referred to his government as The Empire, and the governing body that ran Kett’s dealings was called the Senate.

The Ketts have no formal religion, but the exaltation process has become considered sacred to them, perhaps due to their strange mastery over integrating the genetics of other species into their own in order to improve and evolve as a race. In reality, the Ketts referred to the Exaltation Facility found at Voeld as a temple, and considered it a sacred place. Their culture did not lend personality to their people, since most of them were referred to by the social or military title assigned to their function within the Kett. Those who had been exalted are given titles such as Anointed, Ascendant, Chosen, and Destined.

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While studying pieces of Kett’s technology acquired through exploration of the game, it quickly became clear that they possessed technology comparable to that of the Andromeda Initiative. They were far more advanced when it came to biotechnology and medicine, which was evident in their process of genetic exaltation and experimentation. Their exploration and conquest of other species provided them with numerous improvements and advances. When they came across the Andromeda Initiative, they immediately began to integrate new advances in Kett technology obtained from species in the Milky Way.

As Pathfinder Ryder and his squad explored the Andromeda Galaxy, their encounters with the Ketts were volatile from their first encounter in Habitat 7. With both races racing toward the Remnant facility at the center of it all, it became clear that the Kett, who had Came long before the Andromeda Initiative, he felt a certain right to the rich abundance of information and advancement that the Remnant could provide.

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It was also discovered that the lost coffers of the Andromeda Initiative had already made contact with the Kett, and the people on board had undergone numerous experiments in an attempt to determine the genetic benefits that these new races from another galaxy could provide for evolution. of the Kett.

The Archon, the leader assigned to Kett’s exploration and reconnaissance unit in the Heleus Cluster, had been dispatched to collect genetic information and report back to his superiors in the Senate. Over time, he developed an obsessive fascination for the Remnant that corrupted his focus and forced him to begin amassing both technology and genetic advancements for his own command unit. Her deviation from the target opened a wedge between the Archon and his second-in-command, Primus, ultimately leading to her attempting to tip the Pathfinder to her side in a coup against the Archon.

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The Kett’s determined nature turned out to be his undoing before the end of the game. The schism between the leaders of Kett’s campaign in the Heleus Group caused by the Archon’s deviation from the plans of his superiors revealed a fatal flaw in his overall philosophy that made it possible to defeat them. The Kett relied on the indoctrination of his hotheaded converts to inspire loyalty to his cause. However, the hotheads still managed to maintain some aspects of individualism that caused problems between them.

Although BioWare has yet to continue Andromeda arch of Massive effect story, the promises of a new game suggest the original trilogy and Andromeda Both will be integrated into the plot. Given the hinted size of the Kett Empire, one can only hope that players haven’t seen the last of these dire foes.

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