Mass Effect: Andromeda – This Street Smart teammate brings a lifetime experience to the team

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, Vetra Nyx’s experience parallels none, and Pathfinder should bond with her as soon as possible.

the Massive effect The franchise has always strived to show life in the Milky Way from every angle imaginable. Fans were presented with a clear insight into the Turian sense of honor and duty with Garrus Vakarian from the original trilogy, but were also given a glimpse of how Turian ambition became powerful enough to corrupt Specter Saren Arterius.

From another curious perspective, Mass Effect: Andromeda features Vetra Nyx, who grew up with parents whose relationship was strongly dictated by their constant battle between ambition and corruption. Vetra’s mother was a military presence who cared little more than rise through the ranks, but her father’s shady dealings cast a shadow that instigated constant arguments between the couple.

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Vetra was young when her father finally took her and her 1-year-old sister, Sidera, from Palaven. He settled with his daughters in the Minos Wasteland, but two years later he disappeared. Vetra stayed behind to care for her baby sister and waited a long time for her father to return, and when he did not, she briefly considered returning to her mother. On the other hand, she was smart enough to know that whatever it was that forced her father to flee Palaven in the first place probably meant that she and Sid would not be welcomed with open arms.

With no one else to care for them, Vetra had no choice but to look for work so she could tend to Sid’s needs. She took numerous odd jobs, volunteering to do the dangerous things no one else would do. As he moved through the workforce, he became something of a hobbyist to everyone, and once he learned how to handle a gun, he moved on to a more profitable and distasteful job.

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She worked as a smuggler and mercenary, assuming all she could to support herself and her sister, but it was a difficult and difficult life that offered little or no promise of a real future. After betraying the Batarians, Vetra knew that if she had any hope of staying alive, she needed to go somewhere no one would look for her and start over. Working as a provider for Nakmor Kesh, Vetra eventually earns a referral for herself and her sister, and the two become full members of the Andromeda Initiative.

At last, a place where you can start over and maybe become someone who doesn’t always have to look over your shoulder in fear. After arriving in Andromeda, Vetra is torn between the Initiative and those causing the uprising. The uprising tries to convince her to come, but she declines the offer because she is starting over and joins them and feels like she will become the same thing she left off at the Milky. However, she maintains relationships with many of her contacts, which comes in handy when she convinces Pathfinder Ryder to let her join his team in the Tempest.

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As the Pathfinder gets to meet Vetra in Mass Effect: Andromeda, it’s obvious how much he loves his little sister. He would do anything to keep Sid safe, and when he begins to reflect on the things he has done to keep Sid, he realizes that he has been involved in the kinds of things his father had done, which inevitably forced him to do. run away from Palaven. During a conversation, he confesses to Ryder that he doesn’t want to be in a situation where he can’t go home.

Vetra’s loyalty mission in Andromeda It involves her sister a lot, who desperately wants to be as awesome as Vetra. Sid gets into serious trouble, and Vetra enlists the Pathfinder for help getting to the bottom of a group of kidnapped settlers that Sid informed them of. While working on the mission, they discover together that Sid is pretending to be Vetra and that he stole his sister’s identity in an effort to rescue a group of hired servants.

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After Sid is safe and Vetra is utterly frustrated by her little sister’s recklessness, the Pathfinder earns her loyalty. This opens the door for Scott or Sara Ryder to start an affair with her, which presents a vulnerable side to the Turian. You deeply want to feel part of a family that will always welcome you home. Before the final mission, he expresses to a enamored Ryder that when all is said and done, he wants to build a house together.

For many fans, having a turian on the team at Mass Effect: Andromeda it’s an exciting opportunity not only to see things from a whole new Turian perspective, but also in a new galaxy where the rules can be changed if you want. Comparing Vetra to Garrus is myopic, as the two fellow Turians couldn’t be more different. However, one thing they do have in common is a fierce loyalty to the player character that could very well become the stuff of legends like him. Massive effect the franchise continues to expand.

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