For nine epic seasons, How i met your mother He entertained fans with his delightful humor, captivating narrative, and a melting pot of wacky characters. From Barney’s womanizing adventures to Ted’s search for true love, this show was packed with symbols, slogans, and other material that has its place in modern pop culture such as The sibling code.

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Of course, the impact of this hit series on the lives of its viewers would not have been possible without a cast of endearing characters, each of whom formed a piece of the puzzle with their dazzling personalities. So without further ado, here are the Myers-Briggs personality types of the characters of How I met your mother.

Updated February 13, 2021 by Kristen Palamara: How I Met Your Mother delighted fans for a decade with interesting stories about a close-knit group of friends who live their lives in New York City. The main group was entertaining enough, but the show also had great supporting characters who were just as entertaining as the main cast. Each character had their own particular and unique personalities that grew throughout the series. Each character, both main and supporting, had well-developed personalities that made it clear which MBTI personality type they most identified with.

fifteen Gary Blauman-ENFJ (Lead)

Gary Blauman how I met your mother

Gary Blauman wasn’t on the show for long and most of his story was made up through Barney claiming that Blauman made a scene at the office and threatened to pee all over while leaving his job and then eventually died. None of this actually happened, as Blauman is shown in the background working in Barney’s office and Marshall meets him later in the series.

He also appears at Barney’s wedding and reveals that he had an affair with his half brother James. Although the group has strong and mixed feelings of love and hate for him, Blauman is primarily a loyal, sociable and empathetic character who is there to help just like the ENFJ personality type.

14 Billy Zabka-ISFJ (Defender)

william zabka how i met your mother

Barney believes his character was actually the hero of the movie and Billy is understandably excited to have a fan and eventually have a good friend. He is a loyal, considerate and committed friend who just wants to be part of the family, showing that he has many characteristics similar to the ISFJ personality.

13 James Stinson-ENTP (Debater)

Screenshot of James Stinson playing poker How I Met Your Mother

James has a very similar personality to his half brother Barney, so they most likely belong to the same MBTI category. James is a resourceful character who is quick and capable of creative problem solving.

He is good at reading other people and helping Barney find women and eventually find a husband for himself, although he is sometimes bored by the routine of married life, which are similar traits to the ENTP personality type.

12 Sandy Rivers-ESFP (Animator)

Robin and Sandy in How I Met Your Mother

Sandy Rivers didn’t appear on the show often, but was best known for his misogynistic ways while working as a host alongside Robin. He constantly harassed Robin and other women, and his countless scandals eventually ended his career in America and he became a host in Russia.

The ESFP personality is typically outgoing, friendly and likes to work in a team of people and at the same time be a lover of life, as Rivers was, but he never learned to respect women both inside and outside the workplace. .

eleven Victoria-ISFP (Adventurer)

Screenshot from How I Met Your Mother Victoria Season Nine Phone Call

Ted and Victoria dated from time to time throughout the series in a similar fashion to how Ted and Robin dated from time to time and Ted’s feelings for Robin were the reason the pair broke up. Victoria is a dedicated baker and owner of her own bakery.

Both Victoria and Ted like to live their life in the moment, a common trait of ISFP’s personality, as Victoria decides to leave her wedding and future husband to run away with Ted. She doesn’t want to cause any pain or conflict, another ISFP trait, so she doesn’t leave a note, but Ted convinces her to leave a note for her fiancé before they run off together. Although she has made mistakes, overall Victoria is a kind and friendly presence that is aligned with the ISFP personality.

10 Ted Mosby-INFJ (attorney)

Like a typical INFJ, Ted is quietly intense, which is a trait that forms the foundation of the entire show – namely, his never-ending search for the right woman. However, this trait has its downside as it has often led you into the wrong kinds of relationships.

However, he possesses the great INFJ quality of being vision- and meaning-oriented, allowing him to persevere in his career as an architect and eventually find his soul mate. Ted’s perseverance is what allowed him to stay positive and keep fighting for what he wants, even when others have thrown in the towel.

9 Barney Stinson-ENTP (Debater)

Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother

An inventive playboy, Barney uses his ENTP adaptability to orchestrate many plays in which he successfully wooed women. He is a novelty seeker who is always ready for a party and often tries to force Ted to participate in his elaborate plans.

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Unfortunately, Barney’s superficial desires result in a lack of personal fulfillment, and much of his insecurity comes to light when he interacts with his estranged father. Yet he is still an energetic person who always brings a room to life and continues to make viewers smile.

8 Robin Scherbatsky-ISTP (Virtuoso)

How i met your mother

While it may seem somewhat negative at times, this impression is mostly due to your ISTP practicality. Robin has her feet firmly planted on the ground and goes after what she wants, even when he takes her to Japan. While she often stays calm and seems to take a back seat, her practical personality comes through when she gets involved in ice hockey discussions as well as her career as a news reporter.

While she may be down to earth, Robin also has a sense of adventure like many other ISTPs, leading her to act impulsively. We saw this after her second breakup with Ted, when she decided to travel to Argentina as an escape and came back with her rebound boyfriend, Gael.

7 Marshall Eriksen-INFP (Mediator)

With his courtesy and strong moral compass, Marshall has a great value system just like many INFPs. He is caring and is always willing to listen to the struggles of his friends and wife, even lending a shoulder to cry on when needed. However, his soft personality causes him a problem in the workplace, as his employers often take advantage of him.

One of the INFP traits that define Marshall is his quest for harmony; He never takes sides in a fight as long as he can avoid it and often acts as a mediator within the group to bring his friends back together.

6 Lily Aldrin-ENFP (Campaign)

The ever-enthusiastic Lily is always ready to help out, even when she’s not welcome. Like many ENFPs, he is insightful and often proves to be a source of wisdom when it comes to giving good advice. However, he sometimes crosses the line by meddling too much in the affairs of his friends; a struggle many ENFPs face.

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Despite being authoritative at times, Lily remains a warm person who will always be there for her friends when times get tough. She is open to trying new things, including moving to San Francisco when her relationship with Marshall was in trouble.

5 Tracy McConnell-ISFP (Adventurer)

How i met your mother

While she only appears towards the end of the series, it quickly becomes apparent that Ted’s eventual wife was incredibly observant and could pick up on someone’s emotions almost immediately. This valuable ISFP trait was evident when she and Robin first met, and Robin was showing cold feet before her wedding to Barney. Tracy immediately told Robin to stop what she was doing and take three deep breaths, giving Barney enough time to convince her to go ahead with the wedding.

Aside from her observance and wisdom, Tracy is simply a caring person. When Lily was distraught after her fight with Ted and the fact that she missed Marvin, Tracy immediately offered her cookies in an effort to comfort her.

4 Zoey Pierson-ENFP (Campaign)

How I Met Your Mother Jennifer Morrison Looking Angry

The ever-imaginative Zoey sometimes steps forward and starts to generate false expectations, especially when it comes to protest movements. While this can be a downfall, it also lends itself to a common ENFP advantage, namely being a born leader.

As she demonstrated over Thanksgiving dinner, Zoey is a playful, novelty-looking ENFP who used her imagination to come up with fun games for the group to play together.

3 Stella Zinman-ENFP (Campaign)

While sociable and easy to get along with, Stella is often held back by thinking about things from the past; particularly her relationship with Tony. This has made it difficult for him to fully commit to another person, which was the root cause of much of Ted’s frustration.

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All her insecurities aside, Stella still retains many positive ENFP qualities such as being enthusiastic and future oriented, especially during the time when she and Ted were seriously considering building a life together.

two Quinn Garvey-ESTP (Entrepreneur)

Quinn, a longtime ex of Barney’s and a notorious stripper, is straightforward and realistic in her goals and does whatever it takes to earn a living. She is adventurous and is always willing to take risks, especially if it results in having a good time. While efficient like a typical ESTP, he often uses this trait to take advantage of people, such as when he took an inordinate amount of money from Barney the night they met.

Quinn is very insightful and observant and has the ability to anticipate how someone will behave. He is also a person who loves to be in the spotlight.

1 Wendy The Waitress-ESFJ (Consul)

While not much is known about her, Wendy had been a waitress at MacLaren’s Pub for the duration of the series. Whenever the group sat at her booth, she always greeted them with a wide smile, showing her caring ESFJ personality.

She always seemed welcoming and enthusiastic when helping the group with whatever they needed, yet like many ESFJs, she had a tendency to become overzealous, which opened her up to feeling hurt after briefly dating Barney.

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