MCU: What Your Favorite Main Character Says About You

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has many different characters in multiple movies and now TV series. From the Avengers to the Avengers to the royalty of Wakandan, there are many unique characters that fans have come to love. However, different people are drawn to different characters for a variety of reasons.

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Your favorite Marvel character may have to do with your own life experiences and personality, and it could also reflect the type of story that interests you the most. So, here are the things your favorite MCU main character could say about his own traits.

10 Bruce Banner

Avengers Endgame Trailer - Bruce Banner

If you love Bruce Banner, you are someone who has a big heart and a sensitive side. While others may sometimes assume that you are angry or bullied, the truth is that you are quite nice.

You are also quite strong and will defend yourself and others if necessary. And, like Bruce Banner, he’s likely intellectual in one way or another and may have a subject or two that he spends hours learning about.

9 Thor

Thor is one of the most endearing characters in the MCU. He may have big muscles, but he has an even bigger heart. You probably like to have a good time and are generally quite jovial.

You care a lot about your friends and family, but sometimes you can forget to take care of your own mental health. You will definitely stand up for people if need be, and you can be a bit arrogant. However, you are much sweeter than you appear at first.

8 Wanda maximoff

If you identify more with Wanda, it is likely that you have not always had an easy life. Like Scarlet Witch, you’ve probably been through some traumatic stuff and had to learn to take care of yourself.

You have an independent streak and you are also very powerful. While he may see calm and reserved, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a caring side. You have worked hard to find happiness and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep it.

7 Peter parker

Tom Holland as Peter Parker featured

Spider-Man in the MCU is relatable because he looks like a real high school student. So whether you’ve always been a fan of the character or are a newer fan, it’s easy to see why he’s so beloved. Like Peter Parker, you’re probably a bit nerdy and passionate about the things that matter to you.

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You are willing to work hard and give a lot to help other people, but you may still feel like you have a long way to go before you reach your full potential. You are always a total love.

6 Sam wilson

Now that Sam Wilson has his own Disney + series, many fans are excited to learn more about him as the main character. But it’s already easy to see that Sam has a great sense of humor and is really loyal. You probably like to joke around with your friends, but you would do anything for them too.

And even though you don’t always let people in right away, you are also very smart and have more life experience than people realize. You have a lot of power and a lot to offer, and you’re really just getting started.

5 Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers as Chris Evans

If you love Steve Rogers, you probably know that he is more than just an American Boy Scout. Like him, you are someone with very high ideals and values, and you are often disappointed that not everyone cares as much about these things as you do.

You are loyal to those around you and you are also a hard worker. However, you are not a stick in the mud and you can be a bit of a fool. You are a bit reserved, but you have a funny side that not everyone sees.

4 Natasha romanoff

If Black Widow is your favorite character, you are one of the most balanced people out there. You have learned to take care of yourself no matter what life throws at you, but you have also come to understand that you can be strong and independent while establishing close connections.

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It is not always easy to get to know him and he seems reserved at first, but once he loves and trusts someone, he will do anything to protect him.

3 Carol Danvers

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in Avengers Endgame

Captain Marvel has an outgoing and outgoing personality, and you likely have that too. You probably have a good party and are known as a bit of a jock.

In general, you are very optimistic and funny, but you also worry about injustice and want to fight against the evils of the world. However, when you’re not being a badass, you just want to hang out with your friends at a bar and have a good time.

two Tony Stark

While some people assume that liking Tony Stark means that you are arrogant and rude, this is not the case. You’re probably sarcastic like Tony, though, and you could use humor to divert attention, but this is only because you care so much about people.

You are still trying to figure out how to deal with your own problems, and you may be very concerned about the people you love the most. You want to protect them and there are many good things about you. But, you definitely have a flashy side.

1 King T’Challa

If T’Challa is your favorite character, you probably recognize that he is one of the best characters overall in the MCU and that he is someone to aspire to.

You are concerned about doing the right thing and have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. He can be lighthearted and fun and also serious and hard-working when necessary. In general, you are deeply loyal to the things you believe in and the people around you, and you are also a great listener with a great heart.

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