Marvel Cinematic Universe is a sprawling franchise with so many different movies, stories, and characters. And while there are plenty of great main characters and leads, some fans feel even more attached or obligated by the supporting cast. Because there are so many characters, some of the more interesting supporting characters don’t get their due, but fans are always there to support their favorites.

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There are many reasons why you might be more drawn to one character than another. You might see great potential in his backstory or enjoy his sense of humor. Or you might find that it relates to your personality or life experience.

10 Maria Hill

Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill

If you like Maria Hill more, you’ve probably been in the MCU fandom for a long time. He usually likes the classics and is a very simple person.

You don’t really take the bullshit from anyone and you are very committed to everything you do. In general, you are not super emotional, but you will fight for your beliefs and defend the people in your life.

9 Rocket raccoon

Rocket raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is definitely one of the funniest characters in the franchise, so you definitely like humor and value it very much. You are probably a lot of fun yourself and you could use humor to avoid the difficult things you are going through.

However, despite being the comic relief in your group of friends, you are also there for people when they need help. You are very loyal. You may not show it by being very talkative and cheesy.

8 Pepper potts

If you like Pepper Potts more, you probably have life together. Pepper is one of the few characters in the Iron Man universe who always approaches things with a plan.

She is extremely smart and so are you. Like Pepper, you may sometimes get fed up with people around you who don’t meet your high standards, but this is because you value yourself and your time so much.

7 Okoye

If you love Okoye more, you have great taste because she is too underrated. Both of you are likely to relate to her and see her as someone to aspire to. Like Okoye, you are a protector of heart. You are a tough guy who takes care of yourself and others, but you have a slightly soft side underneath everything.

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You’re also pretty smart, and while you’re generally more serious, this doesn’t mean you can never have a good time. In general, you are a high achiever.

6 Valkyrie

Valkyrie played an important role in Thor: Ragnarok and many fans look forward to seeing more of her in a possibly bigger role in the future. If it’s your favorite, you can use humor as a mask so people can’t see your sensitive side.

However, even though it takes a while to get to know you, you are there for the people you care about. You are so much fun to be around and you have a witty and comical intellect.

5 Rhodey

Rhodey War Machine Baby Thanos Plan Avengers Endgame

James “Rhodey” Rhodes is another underrated character who deserves more narrative in the MCU. So if it’s your favorite, you can recognize the potential.

Like him, you can be quite reserved and serious, but this is because you always have to take care of things. You have big goals and you have the talent and determination to achieve them. You are probably the mom or dad friend of your group.

4 Nebula

Nebula has one of the most tragic storylines in the franchise and she didn’t really get what she deserved. If you love Nebula, you probably recognize that she is a victim who deserves love. You could relate to the fact that she’s been through a lot of struggles in her life, or you can just appreciate the fact that the character has a compelling backstory.

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Like Nebula, you may not trust people easily, but you have a side that is caring and just wants to be appreciated.

3 Loki

Loki - House Frey

Loki is a fan favorite character, and it’s no surprise that so many people love this God of Mischief. You love an antihero and a bit of a bad boy, and you’re also someone who likes to be witty and sarcastic.

You’re probably more of an introvert, but you’re also smart. You spend a lot of time in your head and thinking about the world, and you can be a little tired at times. However, you are also surprisingly funny and like to make a good joke.

two Bucky barnes

If you like Bucky, you are probably drawn to the most tragic narratives in fiction. You like a character who has been through a lot but is still a hero despite all that.

They are likely to have a big heart and to be more calm and reserved. But you care a lot about the people in your life and you want to be a good person. Also, if you love Bucky, chances are good that you like shipping, and there is nothing wrong with that.

1 Shuri

If Shuri is your favorite, you also have great taste. You are super smart and you also see things in a unique way. You march to the beat of your own drum and do everything in your own style and style.

You like to have a good time and you are probably passionate about your hobbies. But, despite being quite outgoing and optimistic, you are serious when it comes to the people you love and care for.

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