Modern Family: 10 Phil and Andy Bromance moments fans miss

When Andy became Delgado-Pritchett’s new “manny”, he made a big impression on Phil. The two got together and shared some sweet scenes on Modern Family.

In the fifth season of Modern Family, the Delgado-Pritchett’s welcomed a new “manny” into their lives: Andy Bailey. He was a babysitter and referred to himself as a manny. He was great with little Joe while also taking good care of the house. It was a bonus that Andy got along so well with the rest of the family, especially Phil.

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The bond between Phil and Andy was strong from the beginning. Andy was a smaller version of Phil in every way. They loved real estate, shared the same sense of humor, and even dressed the same way. Their bromance grew the longer Andy was with the family, but there came a time when he had to move on. Andy left the series in season 7, but fans still miss the Phil and Andy’s days.

10 They made a movie together

Phil and andy make a movie together - modern family

When Phil and Andy first met, Andy proclaimed his love for Beth, his longtime girlfriend. With her upcoming anniversary, I wanted to do something special for her. Phil suggested making a movie for Beth because she had “some very select teams” at home to work with. When Andy finished with his video, he and Phil had fun together and performed Gravity.

9 They teamed up for real estate dreams

Andy wants to work with Phil - modern family

The closer Andy and Haley got, the closer he got to the Dunphys. He and Phil got on so well that Andy began to see Phil as a role model, eventually realizing that he wanted to work in real estate just like Phil.

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After practicing with Haley, Andy steeled himself to ask Phil if he could learn from him. After some pranks were thrown, Phil agreed and the two began working together. It is unknown if Andy continued real estate in the future.

8 His father and son speech during Christmas

Phil and andy during Christmas - modern family

In “White Christmas”, the whole family rented a cabin for the holidays. They invited Andy to celebrate with them, unaware that he and Haley were secretly sleeping together. Everyone found out about Haley and Andy when they found them in the closet together.

Knowing that Andy was in another relationship, Phil had a man-to-man conversation with Andy. It was one of his most serious talks, but it helped Andy clarify his feelings.

7 Their tickle fights

Andy and phil playing baseball - modern family

Phil and Andy didn’t just work together; they also played together. They chased each other around Dunphy’s kitchen, tickled each other, and posted funny videos on YouTube. They were best friends.

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If Haley and Andy worked, Phil would have given them his blessing in no time. Claire would be on board as well, which is revealing because she really doesn’t like most of the guys Haley brings home.

6 Luke was envious of their bond

Andy and phil with luke - modern family

Luke was destined to get jealous of his father’s relationship with Andy. Even though Luke was growing up and spending more time away from home, he still wanted to be his father’s best friend. It was painful to see Phil and Andy having so much fun together while being left outside.

Luke eventually confessed to his father that his relationship with Andy was too close and that he was jealous. Fortunately, there is room for Luke and Andy in Phil’s heart.

5 He and Phil told Haley how she should be treated in a relationship

Haley and the f family - modern family

When Phil and Andy were creating a movie for Beth, Haley thought that all of Andy’s lines were incredibly cheesy. His form of romance was dated and no respectable girl at the time would consider his romantic movie. But that’s where I was wrong.

Andy and Phil reminded Haley how she should be treated. His date was hours late and he didn’t even get out of his car to ring the bell. If anything, it wasn’t Andy and Phil who were messing up the romance, it was Haley.

4 Andy helped Phil on “American Skyper”

Phil and andy with the ipad - modern family

On “American Skyper,” it was Alex’s prom, so everyone gathered at Jay and Gloria’s house to celebrate. Phil couldn’t be there because he was stuck in a hotel room after a business trip. However, Andy helped Phil to be virtually at the party by creating a robot from a tablet. Phil was hanging around the house and was able to participate in most of the events.

3 Your sweet heart to heart

phil gives advice to andy - modern family

Also on “American Skyper”, Andy realized that his feelings for Haley were growing, but he was still in a relationship with Beth. He told Phil that Beth was still giving clues about their engagement, but he wasn’t sure if she was the only girl he loves.

Phil told Andy that it was natural to wonder about other potential relationships, but if he’s in love with Beth and ready to ask the question, then he should. Andy viewed Phil totally as a father figure and followed his advice.

two Professional orientation

Phil gives Andy advice - modern family

When Andy and Beth broke up, he and Haley finally made their relationship official. Things were going great for both of them when, suddenly, an incredible job opportunity opened up for him in his home state of Utah. Andy was nervous about the decision, but Phil gave him some amazing advice.

While at Dunphy’s house, Phil said, “Listen, if you don’t take that job in Utah because of me, you’re making a mistake.” He went on to say, “I love you and me together, but it would break my heart if I were the reason you gave up this dream career opportunity …”. This helped Andy take the plunge.

1 BFF portrait

Andy and phil take a picture together - modern family

After spending the afternoon at the mall, Andy showed Luke that he and Phil stopped by a department store and took one of those very formal portraits of a photographer. The portrait was hilarious and really showed the bond between Andy and Phil. Luke hated the portrait, but Andy and Phil loved it.

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